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Dual Drill
16 August 2006.


I was standing on the towpath talking to Wellard (He’s the scruffy black cross terrier) about the American bombing of Lebanon, when we spotted Max on the Tow Path. Wellard is a bit nervous of Max partly because he is Jewish and Max has been caughts expressing anti Zionist views in the past, and also because Max has been known to use force to make his point in the past.

New readers of my stories may not know about Max, so it bears mention here that Max is an old school German dog. A pure bred Rottie. He lives with very rich people who we don’t ever see, but whom Max believes to be part of a controlling elite who run the World. And Max is the terror of the towpath. He is the biggest dog on the towpath and he makes sure to pee on all the best bits. Anyhow. ……… Max overheard our conversation and ambled over.


‘What has the world come to’ asked Wellard

‘What are you on about’ said Max.

‘What’s happened to the world. We are watching American planes dropping American bombs on defenseless women and children, and our government is happily taking holidays in the sun while letting the American planes ship more bombs through our airports to drop on more women and children. ‘

‘And what’s your problem with that’ asked Max.

‘What about the Lebanese dogs. Wont somebody think of the dogs?’ said Wellard, working himself up into quite some distress.

‘Look here Wellard’ said Max, ‘they are Muslim dogs and so they get bombed. It’s that simple.

‘But they don’t even know they are Muslim dogs’ pointed out Wellard. ‘Surely there must be some dog lovers in America who will stand up and put a stop to this massacre.’

I thought it was worth pointing out the story of Pastor John Hagee (the American evangelist) who has called on America’s 60 million Christian fundamentalists – who make up one quarter of the electorate and are responsible for the Bush regime – to support the Bush backed attacks on Islam on the basis that Biblical prophecy demands it. ‘60 Million people in America believe in Christ, and as many as half of those are pro Zionist.’ Pointed out Max.

Wellard was amazed.’ Surely that’s not possible. How can they believe in Christ, who has made it clear that he is the only Son of God and that anyone who does not believe in him must face the severe consequence of eternal damnation, and at the same time support the Jews?'

‘That’s not a hard one to answer’ replied Max. ‘You are making a logical connection here, which is not a consideration that applies to neo Christian thought. The moral and intellectual fabric of the Neo Christian is built firmly in the bedrock of hypocrisy from cement based on blind faith. Why would you expect people rely on imaginary characters of supreme ability for their moral compass to exhibit any reliable thought process.’

‘They certainly do appear to be hypocrites’ agreed Wellard.

‘Yes indeed. They have their commandments, and one of which is ‘don’t kill’, but that commandment, like so many others is clearly intended only for selective use at the convenience of the leadership. And the leadership has its own agenda that does not rely on them respecting the same commandments. I was watching the telly just the other day when they ran a story about a Palestinian leader who was killed when his car was targeted by an American missile fired from an American gunship. Unfortunately for the occupants in the car behind, the smart bomb was not smart enough to stop before three generations their family was incinerated. The telly interview with the American commentator praised the success of the attack in a celebratory tone. On one side, we have the Neo Christian view – seeing another Islamic soldier mown down by the sword if Justice, while on the other we see Neo Christians celebrating the execution of three generations of a Palestinian family – guilty of driving their car.’

‘That’s a terrible story’ I pointed out to max. ‘What if there were dogs in that Palestinian car’

‘Wouldn’t have made any difference’ said Max. ‘With the backing of the Neo Christians, the Israelis can use their American weapons without fear of sanction. They can kill who ever thy want whenever they want.’

‘What if they decide to kill us’ said Wellard.

‘Well that’s not too far fetched either’ said Max. ‘I mean it won’t be the first time they kill British or American citizens in pursuit of their goals.’

What goals are you talking about’ asked Wellard.

‘Controlling the world. Absolute power. You know – the usual thing that happens when corruption becomes endemic.’

‘Who would want to do such a thing’ asked Wellard.

‘Well. Some call them the Neo Cons. Some call them the Christian capitalists. But I call them the Bushmen. The self-chosen few who control the key pressure points of world opinion. The Government agencies, and the media. And with this control they are free to manipulate world events toward their own selfishly motivated goals.
With 60 Millions punters having bought into this ‘imaginary’ fellow in the sky who makes commandments that sometimes should be listened to – but not unless incentivised by a healthy profit margin - who have collectively foregone their ability for free thought – and with their voting power fully in the control of the media director for the Bushmen, the stage is set for the hijacking of the principle of democracy. 60 Million votes that can be cast in whatever direction the controllers choose. As long as it’s in the lord’s name and the profits look good

‘But what about the rest of America’ asked Wellard. ‘Surely they can’t all be so easily led?’

‘That’s right’ said Max. ‘And that’s why the Bushmen use their organizational structure to create key events towards keeping the balance of their control versus public common sense simmering in their favor.’

‘And how do they do that’ asked Wellard.

‘It’s all about timing’ explained Max. ‘To direct massive public opinion requires a careful blend of timing and magnitude. Like in 1941. The Roosevelt government wanted to join the War – but the American public was against it. And then in one day everything changed. The American public were right on stream behind the Presidents wishes in a way that no one could have predicted on December 6th 1941.’

‘What nonsense’ said Wellard, somewhat foolishly considering Max’s infamous temper? ‘Everyone knows that the Japanese attacked America in a sneak attack.’

‘What if the Roosevelt regime knew about the attack – but did nothing to stop it because they knew what would happen if they let it happen, and engineered events accordingly.’ Max continued.

‘Cataclysmic events like that conform to the timing/magnitude equation that changes the world. And in recent times we have the example of 9/11’

‘What’s that got to do with Lebanon’ I asked

‘My theory is that the Bushmen engineered the whole thing’’ said Max. ‘They conjured up a tremendous spectacle to galvanise American and World opinion – as part of a longer-term strategy to assume absolute power. Since those suspicious events of 9/111, look at how many American bombs have fallen on Islamic lands. Islamic lands that also happen to be mineral rich.

‘Hang on’ said Wellard. ‘What do you mean suspicious events of 9/11. Everyone knows what happened.’

‘Do they’ replied max, raising one big black eyebrow cryptically. ‘What do you think happened.?’

‘Ossama Bin laden made 19 hijackers fly planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon’ said Wellard.

‘Well you just go on believing that’ said Max. ‘Even though no plane appeared to hit the Pentagon, even though not a single CCTV camera captured the Pentagon plane. Even though pictures show a round hole where the ‘PLANE’ went in – with windows intact on either side where the engines and wings would have hit if it had been a plane.’

‘Well OK’ said Wellard, its true that whole business does look a bit suspicious, especially because that plane was in the air for ages and no one scrambled a fighter plane to stop it attacking one of the best defended sites on Earth. I guess America may have given all its fighters to Israel and couldn’t manage to launch even one plane in the times they knew dangerous planes were flying towards built up areas.’

‘And as for the towers’ continued Max. ‘There are many questions that just haven’t been answered. Like why those three towers all came down exactly the same way.

‘No’ ‘said Wellard. ‘There were only two Towers that fell.’

‘That’s another of the red flags’ said max. ‘After 5 PM on 9/11 a third tower fell. Called World Trade Centre 7, it was a 47 story steel structured building. This is only the third steel structured building in history to fall in on itself because of fire. The other two were Trade Centres one and two that collapsed as if by controlled demolition earlier that day.’

‘I think your making it up’ said Wellard. We had the TV on all the time, and we never saw a third building collapse. ‘And we saw a tape of Ossama Bin Laden admitting that he flew the planes into the tower.’

‘Yes, that’s another red flag’ said Max. That famous tape that the CIA released is not actually Ossama Bin Laden. So it makes you wonder, why did they set up a tape like that.’

As you can imagine I was somewhat gob smacked. I mean, all Wellard and me were doing was having a nice chat on the towpath, and once again Max has barged in and taken over with all his inside knowledge. I thought I would show him up for once.

‘So Max, what your saying here is basically this. Neo Conservative power group of predominantly Jewish origin subjugate minds of weak willed hypocritical Christians to secure power base, from which they create cataclysmic local event to stun population into submission allowing them to pass whatever laws suit their purposes in order to invade weak countries who own mineral wealth in the guise of inverse Jihad.

‘Yes Wallace’ replied Max, ‘Looks like you have got to the gist of it rather well. Now I will have to kill you’ and with that Max bared his menacing Rottweiler fangs and made his neck muscles go all-tight to maximize the horror effect. For a second I almost jumped out of my skin, before Max relaxed his quivering muscles and grinned at me. ‘Only joking mate’ Us Germans must stick together you know.’

‘Yes of course’ I replied. Eager to change the subject I asked Max ‘so what do you think will happen next in Israel.’

‘They will have to take out Syria and Iran before too long. All part of the same plan that started on 9/11.’

‘Oh dear’ I said, ‘Surely they can’t get away with that’.

‘Oh yes they can’ replied Max. ‘Its just like Mel Gibson said. They can do whatever they want because they control the world’s media. And without impartial media reporting any status quo can be created to serve their purposes.’ Max was panting with excitement now – and you must bear in mind that he has a pretty dark German past. His breed where after all used as Nazi guard Dogs.

‘All the top positions of media control are occupied by Jewish people.’ Said Max. ‘Its just like Mel Gibson said ‘they are the problem. They have been persecuted more than any other race. Why. Ask yourself that lad. They have been persecuted because they offend people with the way they put selfish interest above all else. I mean, look at this Israeli lot. 6 Million of them and they hold the entire world to ransom with their own selfish greed. Why do you suppose all the Arabs want to kill them? And the way they manipulate America is just sickening. Like a parasite living under the skin of an animal sucking away its lifeblood until nothing is left but the shriveled up carcass of what once was. And that what America is looking like now. A moron for a leader put into his puppet place by Jewish interests ironically using Christian ignorance to achieve their ends. And the Jewish members of the Bush administration that hold Israeli passports can always be confident that Israel never deports any Israeli citizen. Thats a nice Insurance in case the American Christians experience a different kind of revelation.’

‘But at least were not as bad here in England’ I felt the need to interject. 'We have the freedom of speech that allows you to say things like that without fear of being locked up in an Austrian jail. Surely that says something about England?'

‘Freedom of speech’ said Max. Now that’s an interesting thought. ‘What does it really mean. Look at the Israeli approach to freedom of speech. Every boy and girl goes through military service. There they experience extreme basic training where the military system breaks down the human being to create the soldier. That’s eventually going to create something of an unbalanced breeding ground for free speech don’t you think. I don’t suggest you go to Israel and try putting your freedom of speech theory to the test there.’

‘It does make you wonder why anyone would want to live that that’ said Wellard. ‘In a place where you lived under the shadow of war all the time, with no prospect for things ever improving, and in a climate where everyone you meet is a trained killer. Perhaps that why we look at the way they behave towards their neighbors with complete and utter revulsion whilst they consider it as normal.’

‘Well there’s a cease fire now, so things might get better’ I added.

‘They have been having cease fires since 1948, so don’t get carried away with that thought ‘ said Max. ‘There can be no change without the will to change. And there is clearly no will to change.’ The American buffoons who allowed the Bushmen to hijack their Government have made sure of that.’

‘This is a rather gloomy conversation for such a lovely day’ I pointed out. ‘Surely we owe it to the dogs of Lebanon, who cant be having much fun now what with all the loud bangs scaring them witless, to make the most of the opportunities we have to bring an end to this mad killing.’

‘That’s not hard to figure out’ said Max. ‘All we need to do is arrest the terror leaders, try them for war crimes and make them properly accountable, and then elect a proper government based on the principles of sound selfless wisdom. All they would need to do to create a better world of choice and opportunity is provide effective law enforcement and abolish the two satanic books that have become little more than terrorist handbooks.’ Max was foaming a little at the mouth as he contiued his tirade.

‘The Devils is real’ he said. ‘The Devil is greed, and he created god to serve his purpose.’

‘Just then a loud voice bellowed down the Towpath. ’Max, get over here right now.’

It was a tall man in a long black coat wearing glasses so dark we couldn’t see his eyes. But his voice sent a shiver through my spine. No wonder Max is so strange I thought to myself.



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