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Wallace is Missing.... fromThursday 6th.....to his return at 2PM on Friday 14th......

On April 6th, around 1.45 PM, just days after his 8th birthday, Wallace disappeared from right outside his home. Exhaustive efforts have followed involving dozens of wonderful people putting in huge effort. All of which points to one thing only. Pet theft. The practice of stealing dogs for profit.

We believe a car pulled up outside while he was checking his patch in front of the house. The door opens, and a snack is offered. The dog approaches the 'friendly' car - the snack withdraws into the car - the dog jumps in after it. The door closes and within 30 seconds the car has disappeared.

To make matters worse - Wallace is on medication. Last week in an incident involving high bravado off the sofa arm, Wallace performed the infamous 'leap of death'. An exercise where he launches himself into space, landing on the other side of the sofa. Sadly his second attempt at this foolhardy maneuvered resulted in a bad landing and a dislocated vertebra. The Vet successfully diagnosed an anti -inflammatory drug that un seized his locked rear legs. However without this anti inflammatory drug (He's on 2 a day) we fear the partial paralyses of the rear legs may return. That's not to mention the effects the stress of being kidnapped must be imposing on him.

We now hope that wherever Wallace is - he is at least well, and that our offer of cash reward for his return will reach the ears of his captors. Whether their motive was well intentioned or not.

His many friends have been great with all the support. This story seems to have touched a great many hearts in a very short space of time. Increasingly we are using this opportunity to highlight this new blight on our society - dog theft. Imagine just for a second what it must take to make someone behave in this way for a couple of hundred quid?

You can help find Wallace by circulating his picture as widely as possible in the hope that someone will spot him and return him to his home.

Thanks for reading......... We will update this page with any news.

E MAil
Wallace HQ

You could circulate this FLYER. Please download and print and distribute wherever possible.

Or you can download any picture from his website HERE

Progress: Saturday 8th.

We have managed to get the Police to issue an incident number, meaning Wallace is 'Stolen' and has not wondered. This was not as easy as it is to write the words. Police are reluctant to treat dog theft as crime. The law however makes dogs 'Chattels' and so they are property that is owned - like a car, and their theft should be treated accordingly. Having a police reference number meant we could get a report on the local CCTV. Unfortunately no camera covered the area at the time of the abduction.

We had a great conversation with Jayne Hayes - who runs a brilliant website www.doglost.co.uk Jayne has worked helping trace Lionel Blairs dog who is also missing.

Jayne has listed Wallace and her network of helpers are promoting his picture and details far and wide. Jayne suggests more likely than not he has already been sold and is not too far away.

Another caller - a local journalist made us aware that there is a strong Irish traveler element who steal complete dogs to take back to Southern Ireland where lax dog laws have led to the disgusting practice of puppy farming. Horrendous. Read here at your own peril. http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/hopeuk/

The advice from that journalist was to offer money to induce the thieves to sell him back rather than profit from shipping him out to stud in horrendous conditions. We are not energising that negative thought though.

Jaynes 'dogslost' site has a brilliant forum section where signed up 'helpers' can post details of their progress so you can check out what's been done there on this LINK to the WALLACE FORUM PAGE

Battersea dogs home have been brilliant as well - posting pics and providing helpful advice.

And we have had so many fantastic messages from Wallace's friends from around the world.

Progress Sunday 9th.

We have calculated over 500 flyers have been posted in a 5 Mile radius in the obvious sites. Paths, pubs, train stations, news agents, taxi ranks, supermarkets, bus shelters, post offices, fields and so on. We have specifically targetted the sector most likely to be supportive - dog walkers, and created a little flyer that we hand out in case they spot Wallace. You can download the flyer here.

In leaving no stone unturned we have asked a dear friend of Wallace's to consult an Animal Psychic. She reports this morning that "Wallace is well. He is 6 or 7 miles away from home. He is walking with a woman and her daughter." We hope for more from this source.

We have had many phone calls with suggestions and recomendations but to this point not a single hard lead.


The WALLACE forum page Jaynes dogslost.co.uk web site has had well over 500 hits so far. And this page has been visited over 100 times.

Progress Monday 10th.

We were contacted by journalist Goolistan Cooper - who is putting together a story about Wallace for local paper. (Surrey Comet). It is going on the 'friend to the stars' angle to generate some interest. They sent a photographer and we staged a pic of myself putting up a 'Missing' flyer.Charlotte is out posting flyers and accosting any dog walker foolish enough to come within 100 yards. People are reporting they are seeing the posters. Charlotte has put an advert in the Walton and Weybridge Informer.

We are awaiting more from our 'Animal Angel contact' and our dog psychic............

Progress Tuesday 11th.

We have had calls to say local press stories are appearing in the issues for tomorrrow. Lots of supportive phone calls from many people throughout the day. Hundreds of e mails. And Jason 'Chinners' our local 'Monster Raving Loony' candidate and one of Wallaces's 'friends from the pub' has offered to do a 3,000 print run of Flyers to include with his mailshot for his manifesto. Thanks Chinners. Even the policewoman at Walton Police station (who we approached on Saturday) called to see if there had been any news.....And thanks to everyone who wrote to us today......About 100 e mails.


Progress Wednesday 12th.

Todays Molesey News and Mail has run a small piece on Page 2. The Surrey Herald has a half page piece on page 2.


Consensus at this mornings 'WHERES WALLACE' meeting is that the school holidays play a part. His disappearance at the start of school holidays might suggest that his cute qualities made him an attractive addition for a family during school holidays...... Perhaps a parent stopping on Riverbank saw him off the lead - made the assumption he was a stray - and in an impulsive moment - drove off with him thinking 'The kids will love a cute little dog.'...........

The latest from the animal psychic is that he is 'In Dorset and will be gone for 'Three weeks before he gets home.'


Progress Thursday 13th.

Today marks the first week since the disappearance of Wallace. In this time this web page has had over 400 visits. The dogslost web forum has had 1,200 visits. Two substantial articles have appeared in local press. Almost 1,000 poster flyers have been placed in prominent positions. Thousands of flyers have been manually distributed. Thousand of e mails and phone calls expressing concern and offering help and advice have all, sadly, produced not a single lead. Our only hope is that someone will spot Wallace and call us. He is distinctive - both in appearance and personality.

All the pictures on this page can be downloaded and printed and circulated.


The Poster flyer is HERE

The Hand out flyer is HERE

Good Friday 14th.

Wallace is home. The full story will follow soon as we get a moment. Right now he is traumatised - and has been mistreated. But he is alive and well. To everyone who sent positive thoughts for his return - Thank you. I will prepare a full page with the story soon........

(Page is HERE)



Wallace's favorite music, without which none of this would be possible, is available here

This is meditation music - beautiful soundscapes incorporating notes, frequencies and tempos woven into a harmonious musical blend using only positive elements, to raise individual consciousness, align you with the spiritual laws and enable you to upgrade your life experience, helping you enhance and uphold a positive attitude and enjoyment of life. It works great on dogs too. Whenever this music comes on - I lie by the speaker for an uplifitng snooze.