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Overtons Marine

Summer 06





We had a hot spell. It was so hot I could barely breathe...... I spent a lot of time on the towpath chatting with the other dogs....





Peter the butcher gives me bones.

Helps with getting though the hot summer days.





The tow path remains my favorite place in the world. Its cool there on the hot days and sometimes I get to have a dip in the cool water.
























Fishermen are plentiful in the summer. Silly chaps really. They sit right where us dogs like to wee and poo the most.














Here are some of my towpath buddies, snoozing away in the heat.. We chat away about current events.waterside11
















Then we had an absolutely incredible electric storm to mark the end of the heatwave. I was absolutely terrified. I hid right behind my dads desk and panted wildly until it was all over.









And some nights I like to go to the pub where I get to meet some of the other local dogs.





















My visitor all the way from Australia - came to see how I have recovered from beeing dognapped. I told him the whole story.




Wallace's favorite music, without which none of this would be possible, is available here

This is meditation music - beautiful soundscapes incorporating notes, frequencies and tempos woven into a harmonious musical blend using only positive elements, to raise individual consciousness, align you with the spiritual laws and enable you to upgrade your life experience, helping you enhance and uphold a positive attitude and enjoyment of life. It works great on dogs too.