Recording Session - Snake Ranch
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I was booked by my Dad as assistant Producer for the day on Friday. Two original songs, with five musicians booked, and John Etchells engineering.

Some other dogs tell me I only get this work because of this long word called 'nepotism', but I know its cause I'm really good at what I do.

We had to track two songs - written by my Dad and Josh, performed by Mark Brzezicki on drums, Hugh Burns on guitars, Dave Williamson on Bass, Josh Phillips on piano and Leo Sayer on voice.

desk1 guit1 hugh1 leo1 leo2
Here I am making some important aural decisions with John Etchells whilst occupying what is commonly known as the producers chair. This is one of Hugh's Stratocasters - and it makes a fine place to rest while I let the important decisions take care of themselves....

Hugh Burns with his La'Arrivee being microphone recorded.

He said 'There is no right or wrong way to play - as long as its done with conviction.'

I tried using this approach when I went out to do my business on the rough streets of Chelsea, and it really worked.

Friends may come and go but this is my really good mate - Tiitos dad... who is always really special to me.

Its all in the eye contact.

Sometime I have to beat him up to ensure I get the best performance out of him....
ming piano1 piano2 rehears1 situp
This is the bassman on the session. Ming. The other boys wouldnt let him go in the big room with them - buit I really like him. Meanwhile inside the big room - the piano guy is striking up. This is a sound I feel really comfortable with. Most of the time I like to lie around here - although today I am a bit off with him - cause he put me in the back of the mercedes, and laughed when the rolls of tape nearly crushed me with each corner. He gets all this space to himself - which I think is because none of the others guys want to be near a dog molestor like him. This is where they run through their parts before the recording starts Every so often they come into the control room - where sometimes they question my authority - and I am forced to nip the occasional trouser. Happily there is enough chocolate in the room to make everybody happy. You may notice the dog molestor trying to win my favour with a chocolate bribe.
sleep speakers wink
Its a long day here - and I take my occasional nap in the place I have learnt is safest. This is a trick photo. I dont really live between the speakers - but the guys thought it would be funny to set it up - and I was happy to humour them. Musicians are so easily amused. And at the end of the day - I was happy with the two tracks recorded and my run in with that snotty Chelsea red setter. Pretty tired though - and looking forward to getting out of the big smoke and back to my Country ways...   You can download an MP3 version of the song we recorded HERE.


Wallace's favorite music, without which none of this would be possible, is available here

This is meditation music - beautiful soundscapes incorporating notes, frequencies and tempos woven into a harmonious musical blend using only positive elements, to raise individual consciousness, align you with the spiritual laws and enable you to upgrade your life experience, helping you enhance and uphold a positive attitude and enjoyment of life. It works great on dogs too. Whenever this music comes on - I lie by the speaker for an uplifitng snooze.