wally Springtime in London Town.
The seasons first visit to the groomers. Meeting someone with a big record deal - and CD sales promotion.

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Its time for a haircut - as you can see.....   This is about as scruffy as I get....right at the end of the winter spell...



My Gremlin look - just before I left for the groomers.......   And this is what happened in between  
Not a bad job...   Back to work - watching the window  
And a gratuitous pose   Now look deep into my eyes and tell me what you see....  
resting   Its been a long day. I'm knackered and he's still expecting me to pose..........  
This is my friend Diana. She is organising this thing called WORLD ANGEL DAY.      
This is a frequent visitor - Chris. he doesnt really like me - but he's diplomatic so he pretends really well. He's just arrived back from New York - and he has signed a big deal for Tima. Millions of dollars....   This is TIMA REECE. Shes just got back from New York, and leaves tomorrow to go back to South Africa. She has just got her first big record contract and is going to be a big star - recording tracks in London and New York for a January 2002 release..  

And heres abnother studio visitor. She came in to sing four new songs.

Her names Jay - and shes from around here somewhere. Hope she also gets a big dollar contract ..

  The girls do like kissing me.....





Wallace's favorite music, without which none of this would be possible, is available here

This is meditation music - beautiful soundscapes incorporating notes, frequencies and tempos woven into a harmonious musical blend using only positive elements, to raise individual consciousness, align you with the spiritual laws and enable you to upgrade your life experience, helping you enhance and uphold a positive attitude and enjoyment of life. It works great on dogs too. Whenever this music comes on - I lie by the speaker for an uplifitng snooze.