wally Christmas message from Wallace


What a year its been. So much has happened that I thought instead of a Christmas card to my friends, I would instead recap on events of the past year.

In April I experienced an epiphanous moment when my life was stolen. In the blink of an eye everything I knew and trusted was removed, and my life was left hanging in the balance of a Muntu’s whim. Those of you who followed the story at the time (All 30,000 of you) will already be familiar with the facts, and the consequences may be of some interest. Once returned to my home and with time to think through the whole affair, I am left with the following conclusions.

People exist on different levels. New 'young' souls, and older ones. The young 'learner' souls are governed by base values most notably greed. I call them Muntu's, in accordance with an old tradition. These Muntu’s, or learner souls if you like, are easily identified. Their god is greed. Their measure of success is material gain. They have no moral accountability, no concept of karma. They exist only to serve their own ego. They are entirely insensitive to the needs of others. And almost without exception they rely on some imaginary being to absolve them in moments of crisis, thereby ensuring that they avoid any spiritual development.

Take for instance the Muntu’s who stole my life. Irish travellers they are called. I spent many hours pondering the degree to which unfortunate circumstance might reduce an individual to a base level where no karmic rules apply. And I suppose given the circumstance anyone will do anything. Or will they. Is it a matter of choice. A man starving in a ghetto with a sickly baby might find a solid reason for committing theft. But what of a man who is materially secure and chooses to steal? Is this not far worse.

And so for me it comes down to the decision making process. How any individual takes decisions and the realationship between the decision and the 'highest good.'

Muntu's are recognised by their decision-making being entirely selfish.

To illustrate the Muntu mentality we are fortunate indeed to have one of the most spectacular examples known to man.

George Bush. A young soul who has blundered his way through life, making decisions based on selfish greed resulting in the deaths of Millions. Millions, because we consider not only the obvious casualties of his poor judgement, but also those who were ignored by the misspending of the Earths most powerful economy.

This year in Africa alone, Millions have suffered terrible conditions that would most certainly have been mitigated had the resources of the first world been brought to bear on missions of help rather than the terrible missions of harm that have made 2006 one of the darkest years in living memory.

There are many arguments relating to truth. One mans truth is another’s lie and so on. However it stands to reason that a life spent in pursuit of knowledge and eventually wisdom must be better spent than one spent contented with the yoke of Blind Faith.

In God we trust – and so we need bear no personal accountability. In God we therefore Rust.

Take if you will Allah. What a word that is. In many parts of the world using this word unwisely can get you brutally killed.
Now about 25% of the worlds population are Muslim. And they believe in a prophet. Muhammed. In many parts of the world using this name unwisely can get you brutally killed.

In the 7th century when Muhammed was sowing his mighty seed, he married 13 times. Not unusual in a culture that supports polygamy.

The youngest of his brides, Aisha, was 9 when the marriage was consummated. Muhammed was 52 at the time.

Perhaps there was no concept of paedophilia in the 7th Century. Certainly I would be reluctant to have a 13 times married paedophile as my moral compass, and yet we live in a world where almost one quarter of the populace bend over pointing their bottoms to the west 5 times a day because of this fellow. And lets not forget they clean those same bottoms with their left hands. Why on earth would any enlightened individual conduct themselves in such a way?

I think the answer is best found in the magnificent book MAO. Here’s a fellow (A Chairman no less) who also controlled 25% of the Worlds population. And he got there by indiscriminate violence. Kill and maim in the right amount and you will prevail – seems to be the lesson of History. Certainly George Bush is doing his best to prove that even in this department he is just not good enough.

But enough of all this sad reality. As this year draws to a close, I can look back on many wonderful moments.

Being reunited with my family after the kidnapping. Living every day of life that I have to live to the full. And bringing joy to a great many people around me who all go ‘What a beautiful dog’ and smile when they see me.

With Christmas coming up I am left wonder why there is no record of Jesus’ birth? Despite the fact that the birthdates of important historical figures are accurately recorded for several thousand years, there is no record of the birth-date of the immaculately conceived Jesus.

What’s that about I ask myself.

At a time when 80% of Americans state a belief in Heaven. Is this not proof of a national laziness. Faced with the enormity of possibilities in progressing the journey towards self awareness, it would appear a vast majority simply take the course of least resistance, choose blind faith, and imagine that the imaginary is real and worthy of trust. Of course this same slothful lack of effort will inevitably lead to a devolution of the species. But that is not my problem. I am a dog, and I am doing pretty well at making the most out of my small brain as it is.

Turning my small brain towards 2007, I hope to see change. Real change. We need to properly prioritise. We are destroying the Earth - and creating generations of impoverished consequences of improperly directed wealth management. The leaders of the worlds major economies have failed. The system for electing leadership has failed. On a grand and lasting scale. Can anyone really believe that George Bush is the best leader America has to offer? And yet he is still the most powerful man in the world, blundering from insane pillar to deranged post, with no sign of any accountability to be seen. is this man really representative of the majority of Americans?

My special new years wish is that George Bush is brought before a criminal court and made to answer any number of charges for the terrible damage he has done to the entire world, and especially the American nation. Thats not to even start on the disrepute he has brought to the very concept of idiocy.

But sure enough, George is a Christian.

The ongoing malign influence of the major religions continues and will continue to blight humankinds ascension towards spiritual growth unless…......and this is my second new years wish ......... more people take responsibility for their own thoughts.

And finally, horrified as all of us on the towpath were by the sickening Israeli/American attacks on Lebanon in August, I was able to help my dad make a record to try and help. It’s called Angels and Unicorns, and it works to make people relax and think more about good things.

And that’s my Christmas message.

Woof Woof…….








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