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Although I am a dog, and historically there is no precedent for my kind articulating thoughts, let alone aquiring the skills to write and publish them on a web site, I am none the less empowered in this way following a bizarre incident of self awareness that came about in the fall of 2003. As a result, I will post occassional newsletters on how I see the World.

A dogs point of view of you like. The first time a dog has spoken up for dogs everywhere.

While I am getting the hang of tapping on this keyboard, I have been having a good look at who's who in the world, and conclude it comes down to two types.

Those who are good, and by that I am clearly limited to degree of simplicity not easily swung by spin. And those who are bad. I find its easier to tell the bad ones. A general rule of thumb is if they are acting in a way that threatens the survival of my species. How they smell is another good indicator.

Anyhow. Thats enough of an introduction, you can review my ongoing progress on good and bad below. (If you have any suggestions for my list you can (e Mail me here)


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Wallace's favorite music, without which none of this would be possible, is available here

This is meditation music - beautiful soundscapes incorporating notes, frequencies and tempos woven into a harmonious musical blend using only positive elements, to raise individual consciousness, align you with the spiritual laws and enable you to upgrade your life experience, helping you enhance and uphold a positive attitude and enjoyment of life. It works great on dogs too. Whenever this music comes on - I lie by the speaker for an uplifitng snooze.