Werner Schmitzenkopf's letter to the POTUS

Werner Schmitzenkopf’s letter to the POTUS

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 09.57.10From the desk of  Werner Schmitzenkopf October 26, 2018

Dear President Trump,

I humbly require that you intervene immediately in the witch hunt persecution of Cesar Sayoc. A true red patriot who does what we all wish we had the courage to do when fake news and the treasonous traitorous people on the blue side, which includes Blacks, have been getting away with it for far too long.

You, and only YOU, have saved this great Country from ruin after 8 Black years. Yes the Kush is ‘The Bomb’ (A genius in the making) but without you he would be nothing but an ex-cons sperm gone lucky. In just 18 Months it is YOU who MAGA. You are, beyond all reasonable doubt, the best Nationalist President to ever bleed red, white and blue. Yet here we are today at a fork in the road.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. History is all about timing. For you and the USA this is the time.
There are none so deaf as those who will not hear you.
None that are so blind as those who do not see you.
We placed our trust and faith in you   not to betray us, your invested believers, when we need you most.

You MUST pardon Cesar Sayoc before the fake news media distort the facts. The fact is Cesar Sayoc is a patriot and a hero. He deserves reward and awards, not anal probing by oversized rotten FBI agents who vote Blue and treat you with, forgive me for calling a spade a nigger, treasonous disrespect worthy, nay, demanding, of execution.

You sir demonstrate in leadership a patience and sense of forgiveness that no great leader before you has accomplished without reliance on brutal reprisal. It is TREMENDOUS, undoubtedly, because its you and I am not alone in admiring your genius, but perhaps that time for soft liberal tolerance should now be allowed to pass like human rights into America’s forgotten history?

Fox and Friends MUST recommend the ‘Cesar law’ encouraging you to act as we all hope and pray that you soon will. I am talking about a list. A TREMENDOUS list. The TRUMP list.

A few thousand well chosen public executions will put an end to this nonsense once and for all. By ‘public bilMaher.DonkeyHotey.flickrexecutions’ I mean, ‘pay per view executions’. Only Muslims and Communists stage executions for free. This will be bigger than the Apprentice, which was very BIG. You could start the pilot with the traitor half-Jew Bill Maher who lies about you every week, leading millions of retarded liberals into the abyss of left wing idiocy.

You have executive powers. Use them. We, the white people of the United States of America, stand with you.

Yours sincerely in red, white and blue.

Werner Schmitzenkopf
Former assistant to Johann Reickhart, 1942-1946.
(NRA since 46. GOP since 70. Christian KKK since 1946. Catholic since birth. Former member of the most right wing party ever since volunteering in 39. Right-Wing until the end. Trump voter 7 times in Florida alone.)


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