13. Xmas day

13. Xmas day

My beautiful Byron,

IMG_3503Yes, I know its not a Monday, and I always write on a Monday, but I waited one day more because its Christmas day.

I started the day in a lovely Hotel in the desert. Here is the view from my window.

My first fun outing was a lovely breakfast on Paseo, one of the nice roads in Palm Springs.

IMG_3513It has an Airstream as one of the art features at he Hotel, which is a classic American caravan. All shiny and silver and art deco, from the fifties design school.

And after breakfast we played golf.

Golf is not my favorite game, tennis is, but I enjoy whacking some balls around nice golf courses. So today we played nine holes with Tommy the Turtle. I didn’t play too badly. And more importantly, didn’t damage any tendons with my mighty drive.

I tried out some new clubs and this picture is me trying a $500 putter. I didn’t buy it of course, but had some fun checking out  the new state of art golf technology.IMG_3500

After golf we went for a hike in the desert where I saw these beautiful desert flowers and photographed IMG_5322desertflowers_HDR_HDRthem for you

And then later we are going to take the old ladies our for Christmas dinner, which is my Christmas day in a nutshell.

It has not been the Christmas day I had planned before Amlot and Adler cancelled your visit with me for December 2018.
That would have been a skiing xmas in the snow in Deer Valley, but still, I hope everyone involved in working so diligently to make sure you did not spend this Christmas with me had themselves a very happy Christmas because they know how important their job really is.
There is a saying at Christmas time, that comes from the old Roman book of Christmas tales
Forgive them for they know not what they do.’
When it comes to Amlot, Adler and O’Leary, I think they know exactly what it is they do, and it may be that in the fullness of time they will find it is not enough to attach to a life well lived. Even if they do make £500 an hour out of blighting children’s lives.

Miss you,

Love you,


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