August 29. Masons leaving party

August 29. Masons leaving party



My beautiful Byron,

This weekend is Labor day here. That marks the end of summer and the kids go back to school.
This picture is in my studio in Riverbank.

When you were three.  And the next picture is you and me watching football in Spain. I used to love carrying you everywhere.
Anyhow. Tomorrow is Masons leaving party. He has finished with school and leaves fro University  next week. We are hosting a party for him and his family tomorrow. That is 12 people. We plan a nice BBQ, with fresh salad that we grow in the garden. Lemons that we grow on the lemon tree you liked to pick from. And corn on the cob, and pork ribs, and a big piece of salmon that I cook on a cedar plank, placed on a bunch of rosemary from the garden, and covered in lemon. Also, because its Masons favorite, I am doing hamburgers.  Although I am being very careful with cholesterol so I probably wont have one.

the public profile of  Michele O'Leary, the last minute 'switch judge'  whose judgment in 2015 contained 42 typo's.

the public profile of Michele O’Leary, the last minute ‘switch judge’ whose judgment in 2015 contained 42 typo’s.

I was going out to the tree to pick some lemons for the salmon and I felt like saying “Byron, won’t you go fetch a few lemons“. And I remembered how nice it was when I could say that. And how much I miss being able to. I wish you could have been here for Masons leaving. We will all raise  a glass to you tomorrow. And we will raise a glass to Michele O’Leary too. She must be having a very happy life.

I do miss you,
Love you,







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