Cafcass looks after the interests of children involved in family proceedings. We work with children and their families, and then advise the courts on what we consider to be in the best interests of individual children."

Cafcass though, is underfunded, and rely on low paid appointments, who, in a strained judiciary sometimes find themselves out of their depth, punching above their weight. With young children’s life experience on the line, Cafcass should be held to account when they fall short of the standards any young child deserves when having their future decided.

I have had a most unfortunate and unpleasant experience of Cafcass, as a result of which I intend pursuing my direct costs arising from the Cafcass conduct, legal fees  spent  bringing my case to see my 4 year old son of a bitterly estranged vindictive conscienceless mother to the Principal registry.

My objective here is to bring attention to what is happening in a Court system that allows the lives of young children to be subject to the limitations I experienced, and to share with you a first hand account of how Cafcass address complaints.

My letter of complaint begins this transparent correspondence in which you can follow the thread of Cafcass replies.

The sequence of letters follows below up until the arrival of Enhanced Service manager Philip Durban, who speaks for Cafcass to confirm that racism is acceptable as an interviewing technique and requires no apology or explanation. That Sexual discrimination by a Cafcass officer requires no explanation or inquiry, despite knowing the officer was being recorded offering the Cafcass life guidance instruction that  ‘man go to work, woman stay at home with baby’  brand of domestic profiling, and that Cafcass have no need to respect the FOIA request for their officers qualifications to be the sole arbiter of a child’s future in court because; Mr Durban says so. He confirms that Cafcass can quite happily present  disingenuous supposition as fact, (his reference to the judge hearing counsel before leaving it to the man from Cafcass) even when it implies, with a lie, that the other party is lying, and that if a Cafcass official feels the need to take a phone call in court while the judge is speaking, then Mr Durban is confident no explanation is necessary.

Best of all, you will see, nowhere in the Cafcass correspondence is there a single mention of the  reason I am having to deal with this extraordinarily inept Government organisation. The best interests of the child. Something they have worked tirelessly to offend, with astonishing efficiency.

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