July 25. Summertime

July 25. Summertime

My beautiful Byron,P1060480forest

I see that it is 37C in London today Wow That is super hot. I hope you are remembering to hydrate.
It is hot here too, but just 32C. Which is rather nice.
I found this picture from the New Forest. Our weekend together in 2015. At the Pig in the Forest. The pig is in the picture. That was a great visit John was there as well.

New from here that is suitable for this blog letter is; Your Gran is well. She goes through cycles and currently its all good. I am super busy with writing and have a fantastic book in the process of release. I am also releasing a number of short stories, which is fun for me. You should write some short stories And save them safely. If you can, send me a story or two?P1060337byronstatue

All you need is a computer and then attach the file to private messaging on this address

No news further to Chris’ efforts to visit you last week. he is back in South Africa now. And some kid in Diepsloot township is very happy. I made sure that John always had a working Macbook from as young as I can remember. I very much wanted the same advantage for you. But I guess I should not have rushed ahead with sending one in the expectation that you would be allowed to have it. Because, obviously, then you would be able to contact me yourself. And that’s not in the Adler/Amlot/O’Leary package of child care from British family-law.

The beach is jam packed now as schools are on holiday and people love to come to the beach. So for the next few months we  have to avoid the traffic.
I like to bike along the Coast 67208348_10157740482211807_2008711321930956800_nHighway  to different coffee shops further south. I went all the way to Oceanside yesterday and on the way I saw this lovely pair of dogs next to me at the traffic lights. Riding down the coast highway in this glorious weather is a great commute to work.

Well. That’s another week passed. With no news from the Adler/Amlot/O’Leary axis of child care-arranging for us to spend time together. Maybe eventually Chris will get through and can broker a visit for you in December. Lets keep hoping.

Miss you,
Love you,

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