Music for Kumeka by Andrew Brel

kumeka Following the positive reaction to the 2001 ‘Angel Inspiration’ album, my second meditation music album was MUSIC FOR KUMEKA. Again Diana Cooper was the driving force. Diana has a close relationship with Kumeka, her spirit guide and asked me to produce a musical album to introduce him more widely. This Chohan of the eighth Ray.

After around nine months of immersing myself in this frequency energy, with acoustic guitars and sound design and clear mindedness, an interesting album emerged that was tremendous rewarding to make. The singing bowl recording and its frequency, at 428hz,  in relation to the key of the tracks has a zen calming energy.

The album contains some fine inspirational performances by friends including Peter Stone on piano, Becky Whiting on Flute, and a vocal cameo from Leo Sayer.

The album was featured in the Cygnus Review, which helped to sell out the first pressing within a Month of release. MUSIC FOR KUMEKA has become my best selling album to date, selling unusually well in Finland, Germany, Sweden, the UK, the USA and South Africa.

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Message from Diana Cooper:
Kumeka, Lord of Light, is the master of the eighth ray, a new ray which has just started to shine down on Earth. It is the ray of deep transmutation, intended to bring about personal and planetary change in the New Age.
This mighty Being came from another Universe to help raise the frequency of our planet, which is now urgently needed.
He can now work through millions of people at one time and seeks people of vision and higher light with whom he can work.
This beautiful music will help you to connect with Kumeka and do your part in lifting the consciousness of humanity.”

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