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Not many dogs get to make a record - but I have been on SIX. They helped me become self aware and I happen to know that lots of people say they have helped them become more self aware too. All SIX albums available here







Page one
June 98
Wallace's early life - arriving at his new home
Page two
June 99
When Tito came to visit - and some web friends
Page four
June 99- May 2000
Bushey park - my first girlfriend and some work.
Page five
(Nov 00)
Since I moved home - work - eating out -rehearsing and playing 'You make me feel like dancing' live with Leo on BBC Children in Need.
Page six
(Dec 00)
Turning on the lights in Cobham - having dinner with the Twickenham rugby players
Page seven
(Dec 00)

On tour with the 'SAS Band' - Poetry by a 10 year old - and pics from SAS gigs.

Page eight
(Dec 00)
On tour with the 'SAS Band' - Shepherds Bush - and a visit to Terry Brittens Studio
Page nine
(Dec 00)
Christmas lunch and frolicking in the snow...Studio
Page ten
(Jan 01)

Back to work - my first session of the new year.

Page eleven
(Feb/March 01)

Songwriting and visitors to my new 24 Track digital bedroom.

Page twelve
(March 01)
Spring approaches - my first visit to the groomers - a visit from a teeny pop star, and a session with a young singer......

Page thirteen
(Summer 01)

Working dog stories. John gets ill and a nice moment arrives
Page fourteen
(Autumn 01)

tales from the towpath.

Page fifteen
(Winter 01)

Homeless and arrested. The itinerant musical dog lifestyle

Page sixteen
(Autumn 02)

Summer spent travelling - and Autumn back home

Page seventeen
(Winter 02/03)

Attacked on towpath - winter sun and snow.

Page eighteen
(Summer 03)

Summer 2003.

Page nineteen
(Summer/fall 03)

Summer turns to fall 2003.

Page twenty
(Spring 04)

Visiting the beach and first grooming.

Page twenty one
(Early 05)

Christmas, the new year and travels.

Page twenty two
(Spring 06)

The tale of how I came to be stolen by dognappers.

Page twenty three
(Summer 06)

Max gets upset for the Lebanese dogs, and Leo comes to visit..

Page twenty two
(Early 09)

The fall of 08, Christmas with Zoe and a snowy start to 09.