The Emergency Bouzouki Player

ebp2The Emergency Bouzouki Player by Andrew Brel
The authors account of conscription in the South Africa’s Apartheid War during the height of the 33 year ‘Border War’ 1979 – 1980.  Two years at war with the South African Army by an unwilling conscript.

“I recommend this book as a must read, particularly for South Africans.  Of that lost generation, there are still many today who look back on their time in the South African army with pride and fondness. It is exactly this lack of introspection and narrow minded self preservation of these people that give this book its historic validity. It is also inconceivable to me that this book has not become a standard piece of literature in the South African school classroom. Perhaps this only serves to show plainly how far South Africa still has to go.”  Laurence Gien

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One Day in Paris

One Day in Paris, a novel by Andrew Brel One adrenaline charged  roller-coaster year in the life of former soldier Dan Blake.  An action thriller with guns and romance and killing for Islam and the Vatican for the elite shareholders in war profits.

The day after I finished reading this book about a terrorist attack on Paris, the story came true. I couldn’t help wondering if the terrorists or the city’s defenders had studied the book carefully. A fast paced story of a professional military killer carefully planning a massive execution of innocent people, without moral qualms, supposedly for religious but actually for financial motivation.” Dr. Mark Zetin

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Nolan Cash Bowling Green

NolanCash copy My first authorized biography. And the first release from my ten year project ‘Short stories by Andrew Brel.’

This is the true story of Nolan Cash. Whose 1957 song Bowling Green exposed the worst racially motivated massacre of the fifties, before Nolan, like the story of Bowling Green, was silenced.  33 years in Fulsom prison. Here at last is the whole story.

on November 29, 2017
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 “I grew up in Kingsland in the fifties and I remember clear as yesterday the events at the gas station. And that poor mixed race boy. I never knew what happened to him until now. Happy to say the “Man in Black” is as good as we know he was. An American institution.

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Krishna vardu Ghan: And the keys to conduct

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 4.25.34 PM (2)Based on ‘The Keys of Conduct, Teachings of Krishna vardu Ghan‘ by Sucheta Gupta.

Translated from the original words of the Ghan presented in the course of his one-on-one audience with seekers who, without exception enjoyed exclusive audience opportuned to articulate their conundrum in one uninterrupted flow within the inspirational cocoon of light surrounding the Ghan beneath the big tree.
There would be no question-and-answer in this process. The seeker is allowed to tell their story. To present their conundrum. The Ghan contemplates, briefly, before manifesting his conclusion for the highest good. In one sentence, of varying length.
Every one of the Ghan’s replies, now known as ‘The Keys of Conduct’ follows a single individual’s narrative and was delivered almost directly following the last word.
Of the seekers who had audience with the Ghan, 51% were women. 46% men, and 3% transgender.
These statistics along with the ‘Codes of Conduct’ were recorded by Sucheta Gupta contemporaneously over a twenty-year period, since the onset of the Ghan’s awareness following the ‘night of the holy light’ at age seven, in 1867, until his ascension at age 27.
The language spoken by the Ghan throughout his audience on Earth was Malayalam. A Dravidian language spoken in the Indian state of Kerala, one of 22 scheduled languages of India.
Sucheta Gupta was fluent in Malayalam and English and although the original notes were written in Malayalam, the book by Sucheta Gupta, ‘The Codes of conduct, teachings of Krishna vardu Ghan’, was written entirely in English.

Let there be peace on earth and let it start with you

With thanks to Angelos Gupta. The first channel of Krishna vardu Ghan, for the opportunity to share the work of this chohan of the seventh ray. Ready to shine his light on our darkened earth.

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