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ebpcoverAndrew Brel’s first book The Emergency Bouzouki Player was published in 2011 and is a first-hand account of conscription in South Africa’s Apartheid army.
An anti war polemic underpinned by dark humor.


One Day in Paris.   His second book ‘One Day in Paris’ is a novel being one year in the life of former British Army officer, Dan Blake.
An action thriller with love and guns and high-tech weaponry generating billions in trade deals.

wlwWho Lies Wins. (Press Release)
2019 release: Who Lies Wins
is b
ased on actual judgments from Britain’s family court. By British author Andrea Lee. A story about family law based on actual judgments. Interesting for anyone affected by family-law judgments.
Order HERE Kindle and paperback. Worldwide.


Andrew Brel has several short stories published including:


NolanCash copyNolan Cash. Bowling Green. 
The authorized biography of Nolan Cash and the story of Bowling Green.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 4.25.34 PM (2)Krishna Vardu Ghan and the Keys for Conduct.
A self-help guidance book. With meditation art guidance.

dianesuttonDiane Sutton and the hanging judge
based on real events in the world of British family-law.

blakekindcoverBlake Sherman’s AR-15
A coming of age love story
about gun-law in the USA.