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The Music links start with the Andrew Brel Music albums produced originally as Bridge Recordings from 1990 to 2,000, including the two albums I made with Spike Edney and the fabulous SAS BAND and the Leo Sayer album ‘Live in London’.

Since 2001 I have made eight albums in the meditation music genre including three  albums with Hugh Burns, ‘Angels and Unicorns’, ‘Celtic Inspiration‘, and ‘7 Bach Meditations.’

My 8’th album, Meditation & Tranquility is available now

There is a page presenting some of my favorite songwriting efforts, including songs with Alan Tarney as well as the quite remarkable story of ‘The Paradise Key.  Visit my YouTube channel here for a list of songs I have written.

My relaxation and meditation music series of 8 albums link  is here

My first book The Emergency Bouzouki Player is here and my first novel, One Day in Paris is here.
My bio of Nolan Cash
is just a click away and it has an audio book possibility if audio is your reading thing.

My older ‘Tales from the Riverbank’ Blog is here.
Wallace the dogs original web page is HERE

My travel pictures are Here and you can E Mail me here.

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Author Bio.

Andrew Brel was born in 1960 in Johannesburg growing up in South Africa during the apartheid years. After thirty years in London Andrew lives in California, living as a musician, writer and producer.

He is the author of ‘The Emergency Bouzouki Player’ a non-fiction account of the South African War of Apartheid which remains the best selling book on the South African Border War on Kindle.

Brel’s second book is a novel ‘One Day in Paris’ a year in the life of Dan Blake, a former soldier who plans an attack on Paris in a Political Thriller which presciently foretold the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris, tracing the money behind the Armaments Industry underpinning the US economy. The one percent of the one percent, the trillionaire oligarchs who control the world.

His third book, is a short story, the first from a projected series, titled Nolan Cash, Bowling Green.

Brel has two sons, twenty years apart, skis, cares about homeless people, practices kindness and yoga, rides bikes and horses, continues a lifelong study of ethics, religion, depression, Greek history and Africa, plays tennis, lives in the moment and in gratitude, mostly for being Greek. Andrew has been an outspoken critic of Kill-for-Fun hunters for many years and has supported many human rights causes for the past forty years. Andrew is an accomplished dog trainer and collector of stringed instruments.

He has previously;
performed thousands of gigs as a professional guitar playing musician, emigrated penniless from Johannesburg to London, owned recording studios and a record label, made and lost money in share-trading, developed property, organized meaningful fund raising concerts, lived on very little, played a lot of tennis, indulged an appetite for fine dining, married and divorced once, watched his home burn down once and flood twice, visited many great vineyards, raised Wallace of Riverbank, for 15 years the worlds finest Schnauzer, written good songs with meaning, performed with extraordinary musicians and discovered loyal friendship as life’s great gift and betrayal its greatest disappointment. Specifically the betrayal of those children failed by the shortcoming of Britain’s family-law courts.

Andrew has worked in music for over forty years, on occasions with many well known artists. More recently, since 2001, Andrew has written and produced a number of meditation and wellness music albums which can be found by googling Andrew Brel Music. The most recent, his eighth, is titled ‘Meditation and Tranquility’.

Andrew is available for bookings as a speaker, alone or with any one of a number of friends, including  Hugo Fernandes, in the ‘What I love’ words and music show, comprising narrative and acoustic music.

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