andrew Thank you for visiting andrewbrel.com where you will find information and details of my various musical and literary projects.

The Music links start with the BRIDGE RECORDINGS albums produced with Charlie Morgan from 1990 to 2,000, the two albums I did with Spike Edney and the fabulous SAS BAND and the Leo Sayer album ‘Live in London’.

Since 2001 I have made eight albums in the meditation music genre including the very high quality albums with Hugh Burns, ‘Angels and Unicorns’, ‘Celtic Inspiration‘, and ‘7 Bach Meditations.’

My 8’th album, Meditation & Tranquility is available now

There is a page presenting some of my favorite songwriting efforts, including songs with Alan Tarney as well as the quite remarkable story of ‘The Paradise Key.  Visit my YouTube channel here.

My relaxation and meditation music series of 8 albums is here

My first book The Emergency Bouzouki Player is here and my first novel, One Day in Paris is here

My older ‘Tales from the Riverbank’ Blog is here.   Wallace the dogs original web page is HERE

My travel pictures are Here and you can E Mail me here.

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