False news. How to tell FACTS from OPINIONS and why uppercase matters

False news. How to tell FACTS from OPINIONS and why uppercase matters

andFALSE NEWS. WHAT IS and WHAT IS NOT. How to tell FACTS from OPINIONS and WHY uppercase matters.

Starting at the beginning of why Trump is President. Trump is a Genius. He has an IQ of 187. The BEST education. THE BEST words. He is 6.3 and weighs 23o pounds. (FACT. )

He is the greatest President to ever represent the Constitution. The voice of the will of the people. More than 3 million Americans voted for him over Hilary. (FACT  for every Trumpeter.)

He is making America great again because We support him, because he says and does what We want. We want White privilege. We want to shoot children trying to cross the border in the legs. (Not the face.) We want to see kids taken from their parents and raped by fellow Trump supporters. It will stop more of their caravans invading our country. He understands exactly how we think and speaks directly to us. In the name of our lord. (OPINION of every Trumpeter.)

Gaylord Pence, the first openly homosexual VP in Trumps inclusive government, is not involved in the impeachment. And no matter how liberals try to create president Pelosi, Gaylord will prove that God has big plans for him.  So that President Pelosi prevents Gaylord from pardoning option. (FALSE NEWS)

He is a Christian and chosen by the Lord to sort out the Muslin problem. He played his part in getting that Muslin Kashoggi skinned alive and beheaded in Istanbul. One less Muslim to criticize the Kingdom. One more billion from Salman to Trump. Good for Trump, GREAT for America. Kashoggi deserved to die. He worked for the Washington Post. He said bad things about America and our friend, Salman, the Saudi beheader with his very own Deera Square for public beheadings every week. Its a lot of fuss about one Muslim. Jared did nothing averse to his security clearance in giving up the time of Kashoggi’s embassy appointment.  (OPINION of every Trumpeter.)

He has saved the economy. The awful trade deficit left by the previous President has been repaired by the Genius, whose deep knowledge of international finance makes ordinary economists like Yiannis Varoufakis look like Apes in heels. No one does better trade deals than Trump. To call him the GREATEST ECONOMIST in the history of world economy is just being truthful. (FACT.)

The NRA is the greatest (and only worthwhile) Civil rights movement in the USA. It is our 2nd amendment right to be able to spree kill children with assault rifles. TRUMP loves his guns as much as we do. As long as we have Trump our GUN owner RIGHTS to KILL are safe. (FACT.)

Tariffs and sanctions work. China is our Bitch. We are even winning with EU TARIFFS in the Airbus vs BOEING BUSINESS. They will never dare try tit for tat TARIFFS. Trump is too smart for them. (FACT.)

The military is GREATER than ever. We are spending more on military than ever before. This is a far better use of resources than repairing infrastructure, building schools or providing health care to the poor. Nothing can threaten our Nimitz class carriers. The Chinese cannot make any missiles to change that.  There’s a trillion dollars very well spent. (FACT.)

Education is overrated. Know how to listen. Know how to treat Blacks. And know how to Pray good. And know who to vote for. That’s all we need in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Our education has never been better. Betsy is a genius appointment and Americas kids are in good hands. Every American kid starting school is going to get a fantastic BEAUTIFUL education.  ‘How to cook better Meth’ is drawing big numbers to chemistry class in ALABAMA. (FACT.)

Rhyming words to third grade level like ‘Build that wall’, ‘Crooked Hilary’, ‘Shady Schiff’, ‘Anal Stormy’, ‘lock him up’ and ‘Putrid Pelosi’ is a genius connect with clan members who love not being talked down to. Proud to be deplorable they recognize his genius narrative. he has the common tough which, considering his enormous intellectual stature, is the mark of TRUE GENIUS. (OPINION of every Trumpeter.)

EVERYTHING is going to be much BESTER for Trump supporters. So much wining. We will never stop winning. Because he is our winner. Chosen by our Lord. he can do anything and we will give him a Mulligan. He told us that. And he always tells the REAL truth. he told us to be rapture ready. And we are on that train.  (OPINION of every Trumpeter.)

Yael Kushner is a tremendous ambassador for America and for Israel. A nailed down favorite to succeed Trump in 2024. Our first woman President.  Israel has no extradition for citizens. (FACT.)71408356_10217684141529053_3025794242304802816_n

Reading and learning from History is a waste of time. Great Orators of yore, your Churchill’s and your Cassius Clay’s. All of them combined could not hold a candle to the GREATEST ORATOR to grace our Televisions. A genius on a level so high he needs no notes. He can just improvise and the words come. Words like no other. Great words. The BEST words. (OPINION of EVERY Trumpeter.)

Trump saved us from the myth of Climate Change. Pulled us out of the PARIS ACCORD. Brought us clean coal and great tax breaks for CO2 dependent business like big oil. Who paid him to do this? This chart is just more FALSE NEWS. (FACT.)

Melania is super hot. The classiest first lady EVER. Even after she learned her husband had an affair with Anal Porn star Stormy 5 months after she gave birth, she still did her wifely duty with unprotected sex.  She is no ape in heels in the WH. Pure class. Her girl on girl work alone qualifies her for a genius visa. (FACT.)

Because there is so much false news and because some people write false news to try and make our President look bad, the only way to be sure you are not reading some deeply ironic satirical take on a man whose business genius has made him a billionaire able to pay no tax while also running up losses to show the revenue service that make him the biggest winner in tax deductible losses in American History, is to ask yourself this question.
Should President Trump show his taxes?
If the answer is. No. He should not. Then you know you are a proper Trump follower. And cannot be taken in by false news. You know the only version of truth worth believing comes from two sources. Trump on TV, the words from his own beautiful mouth. Or his Tweets.
That’s it. Even Fox news can no longer be trusted. They implied that Hilary won 3 million more votes than Trump in 2016 which is obviously FALSE NEWS.

I supported Trump in 2016. I knew he would win. He said so. I believed him. And he has been true to me since then. My faith has been REWARDED a million times over. And I know he is going to win in 2020. Even with all this FALSE NEWS about Ukraine, where corrupt Biden was STEALING MILLIONS from the poor people there, Trump stood up today and gave a masterclass.

Here it is. For any students of POLITICAL SCIENCE. The MASTER at the top of his GAME. THE GREATEST, Live.

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