Byron in "The World Famous Band."

July 11. Chris and Golf

IMG_4122My beautiful Byron,

Chris has been here this past week. Visiting from South Africa. He is crazy about Golf and so we went golfing.

It’s a busy week here. I have a new book in the process of release. And I am working at selling my new music album. It doesn’t look like much time for a holiday this summer, seeing as I haven’t been able to see you here. So I will try and get more work done.

I just spoke with Yaya and she is doing pretty well. Tonight I am taking Chris out for dinner. And that’s my weeks news in a nutshell. Lots of work and hardly any play.

Byron in "The World Famous Band."

Byron in “The World Famous Band.”

Hope all is good with you. And can’t wait to see you again.

Miss you,
Love you,


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