Byron, Dartmoor 2015

July 4th. Earthquake

Byron, Dartmoor 2015

Byron, Dartmoor 2015

My beautiful Byron,

Today is the fourth of July. A holiday in America celebrating their independence from British rule. So I sat down to start writing, and I found this lovely picture of you riding on Dartmoor.

And just as I was writing the ground started wobbling. And the guy in the coffee shop went “Wow, it’s an Earthquake.’ But it wasn’t scary. Just a little wobble, lasting about 90 seconds. One chap here had an earthquake app on his phone (Yes only in California) and he said it was in Searles Valley. About 150 miles from here. The last one was a 6.6 on the Richter scale. Look at this list of earthquakes – just in the last  hour – see how many earthquakes have happened. Although they are small and usually we don’t feel them here on the coast.

40 minutes ago 4.0 magnitude, 9 km depth
Searles Valley, California, United States

Byron in La Jolla in 2014

Byron in La Jolla in 2014

How they measure earthquakes is interesting. Read about it here.

There is a huge fault line – the San Andreas fault – and people worry it will one day start ‘The Big One’ where we have some serious damage. But I don’t worry. Even when they sing “When California tumbles into the sea.”

For our party today we have 20 guests coming. It will be a big BBQ with hamburgers, sausage hot dogs, pork ribs, baked salmon and peri peri chicken. With potato salad and a broccoli salad and fresh baked buns. And cornbread. Mason will be there, with his mom and dad. And Chris Ghelakis – your godfather  will be there. Also Hugo (the musician you met, my old friend) and Joe, the other musician you met here.

The only person missing is you.

Hope all is well with school. I haven’t had any news on you being allowed to visit. So I guess there is no chance that Adler/Amlot and O’Leary will let you see me this summer.

Training run on West Sands beach in St Andrews. Where the filmed the movie 'Chariots of fire'.

Training run on West Sands beach in St Andrews. Where they filmed the movie ‘Chariots of fire’.

My hopes are that we will make it for December. Lets try for that. Three weeks. And I will book to take us skiing for two weeks. I can’t wait to teach you skiing.

I am off to cook now.

Miss you,
Love you,


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