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This is a blog I update twice weekly for my son Byron. It exists because I can no longer send twice weekly letters by post to the UK address where he may or may not be resident.  This blog provides the only means by which I can communicate with my son, now 9, because four members of British family law have a case to answer in the matter of child abuse and criminal fraud.  The content of this blog is shared only for readers accepting that they are accessing private and confidential details subject to declared copyright in the intellectual property of a series of words called ‘Letters to Byron‘.  You may not enter without accepting this premise. Let there be PEACE on earth and let it begin with me. Breaching the copyright in any way, using it in any harmful or indiscreet context beyond ‘read only’ access will automatically assume wilful, knowing breach of a copyright. If you have any intention of using any of the following copyright content in any way that breaches the conditions of entry, by proceeding in awareness that you have understood and accepted the terms and conditions of entry to this blog and all its content, you agree unreservedly to pay the copyright owner, Andrew Brel, £1 million in damages within seven days of NOTICE OF BREACH OF the copyright. If you are unwilling or unable to make that payment within 7 days you agree unreservedly that any court in the UK can enforce interest on the damages you accepted by proceeding in awareness that you or your agents are breaching the terms and condition of entering at 8% from the date of the breach. Contact me directly if you wish to use any part of the ‘Letters to Byron’.  Only proceed if you understand that you are agreeing to enter exclusively on the terms and conditions stated above by clicking on the entry link. If you are a parent who has experienced a bad family court ruling that abused your child’s rights to be with you, I am so sorry. I am available to consult (by private message) with support, qualified as I am by a half million pound bill to British family law and 15 years of first hand experience inside family court, free of charge.


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