What is appropriate etiquette between Liberals writing?

What is appropriate etiquette between Liberals writing?

andrewgreen_HDRThis is a blog with a question.

I was included in a group email by my only Republican friend, who is 85 and a very dear friend whom I value. And for this reason we never talk politics. We will remain friends unconditionally without that ever changing because I will not speak about Fox News and he in turn does not praise Trump in our conversations.   Our friendship is so precious I do not even friend him on Facebook.
However, perhaps inadvertently, I was included in his Right Wing supporters group-email where I saw a reply that was pretty offensively Trumpety.
Still, I did nothing. Normally I never reply to anything Trumpety.
But then followed a very sensible reply from a woman who wrote well from a sensible perspective  on the obvious maladies affecting the Trump voter. So far so good. I still wrote nothing. I just thought “Well done. Someone had the gall to post anti-Trump on a Trump supporters thread.” Color me impressed.

Then came the riposte from the Trumpeter that was, frankly insulting to this sensible woman, and worse still, threatened my children’s right to live. This guy actually wrote in his defense of the genius Trump  “US Climate is changing. I don’t care.” At that point I thought, do we not have a duty to reply to that level of selfish ignorance? For the sake of our children. So I wrote a Brilliant reply. Ten minutes. (Sitting on the loo.)andevzone_HDR

Sure enough, the female author, who we shall call (Barbara) read my reply, defending her words to the expert Trumpeter and e mailed me with the words;

Dear Andrew . So nice to have a knight in shining armor. Forward with the good fight!”.

So far so good. That was my intention. And the reaction merited it. It is our common duty to support each other in not allowing Trump politics to become normalized. We are all far better than caging desperately poor children and turning a blind eye when they are raped by our Government representatives.

I received two other emails from the group, addressed to me personally, excluding the group, saying ‘Brilliant‘ . While the three  readers in the group were impressed with my writing, there was no reply from any of the right-wing members of the predominantly Trumpety group. Obviously and unsurprisingly. The surprise came today.

(Barbara) wrote a reply, including the whole group, retracting the personal message of thanks to me with  a pretty grim reversal of her gratitude in which she evidently confused my satirical approach, one that has been refined in many previous outings, as in fact being ‘part of the swamp‘. Her intention was clearly to choose pretty hurtful words.

That gave me pause to wonder.  We are united by a common belief. Yet, despite first applauding my anti-Trump defense of her anti Trump letter, she turned on me worse than the Trump supporter. Not something you see Trump supporters doing. The question then is;  How best do you confront Trumpeters who rely on this moronic logical incontinence and ethical paucity; that stand shoulder to compassion-free shoulder with  Nazi camp guards, without offending fellow liberals?

I choose to mock and insult by satire and irony in the alternative to engaging in a traditional adversarial debate. Because as Mark Twain said “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” And yet, once again I see
all too painfully how our faux liberal class fail to understand the value of advantage right wingers gain from unconditional support for each other and their methods; apportioning inappropriate unjustified value to personal vanity above unity of common cause; attacking proponents of their own ideology for petty, irrelevant, reasons. Failing to understand this is both why Trump won in 16 and why he will win again in 2020. It is a variant of the most self-harming claim to ever reach the American electorate “When they go low we go high.”

The upcoming election is all about The Trump wall. The right are united on one side of his very stable dividing wall, erected by a Genius, on a platform of the lowest-common-denominator traditional right-wing beliefs like;
Xenophobia, fascist control, white superiority racism, vilifying minorities, bragging about having no compassion, amplifying perceived threats, removing environment and worker protection regulations to benefit commercial profiteering for the billionaire elite, and sheer repetition of cut and past idiocy on the premise of a lie told often enough….. is not False News.
While on the other side facing Trumps racist well-armed militia, we, the ‘Left’ bicker over the size of the bricks. Unwilling or unable to learn the lessons of many a Right-Wing political victory of yore; delivered by another three-line winners mantra; “Unity is Strength.”
Disappointing times we live in. Or as my wise friend wrote “They would not listen, they did not know how.

So if you will, read on through the three exchanges, and tell me if I have appeared as ‘A knight in shining armour‘ as was the case yesterday, or as a “lowest common denominator swamp type author. Deviant and  sick of spirit. A contaminator of society.” How did this liberal person (Barbara) flip flop in one day and why?
Am I really “Deviant and  sick of spirit.” Do I really contaminate society?


Subject Trump 2020. Letter one from Trumpfan replying to my friends Pro Trump group mail:

02trrrTrumpFan. On Aug 29, 2019, at 13:20, TrumpFan wrote:

Hi  nice to hear from you. Hope your doing well don’t worry LANDSLIDE is coming. Trump is brilliant and USMCA passes and BREXIT and no recession. China is our bitch now no fear..

Small caps take off IWN and Transports as well as banks. Rates already peak today. That happens with economic improvement but what do i know I only build an automated financial program and trade bonds last 38 years.

Cheers Mate have a great day!
Letter two. (Barbara) replying to TrumpFan.      Her  Liberal perspective was a breath of fresh air on a Right-Wing group message.

I fail to see how anybody of any political persuasion can fail to see Trump for what he is – a huckster who has captured the imagination of large swathes of America, because he is to a large extent what America has become. He is us – morally bankrupt, uncivil, captivated by winning and willing to do so at any cost even if it means making a deal with the devil, lacking in empathy for our weakest, a bully … He animates our society with a putrid stench that does not inform or teach or lead, but denigrates and corrodes. Our children cannot look up to him and emulate him as an example of fine leadership or manhood.

An irresponsible press is not an excuse for an irresponsible and vile president. America is meant to be a great nation and a world leader. Trump diminishes us all – Republicans and Democrats and all those who abstain from the circus that politics has become.

And then this reply to (Barbara). From TrumpFan: Letter three.

02trrrI think  my children do. We for give people of bad behavior. Trump say he is everything you said so what? Is he help million of Americans. I understand him, and his heart is great. Actions speak louder than words. I respect your opinionI think he is the best President of m life time. I know what happen internally in the economy. Law and order is necessary. Get gun registered no big thing great. I say get everything,  if you can a criminal records. Make sure we keep criminals away from the public. China he is masterful and took action love him for what he is doing. England is being rescued from EU Brxexit. Canada and Mexico best interests are our.You don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. 69605388_10162179808810246_3152107705766772736_nHe gained leverage and has created a new arm of military Space division in congress now. People aren’t smart has he is 156 is real. I believe he is a Patriot so I down swing with my leader President of U.S.Climate is changing I don’t care. I care more about plastic in our food supply floating in the ocean fishing eating it. I believe that the underlying strength of teh United States economy is so powerful the because of deregulation you awoke teh sleeping Giant of teh U.S. Economy. My guess is 7 trillion dollars is drifting back into US assets. Interest rate are favorable and we have teh most liquid and strongest currency in the world. Military is back to best in world with 2 trillion spent.Warriors deep #1 in my heart they sacrifice greatly.

Having read that – I should have walked away. Anyone who writes like that is clearly in the Mark Twain category. He actually wrote the words “U.S.Climate is changing I don’t care.” For me, the fact our Earth is burning while these people who deal in money markets (He is a trader for over 30 years) openly flaunt their right wing moroncy, could not be ignored. (Let along the Grammar Police outrage of such a smart opinion sharer.) So, I put ten minutes into writing a ‘Brilliant’ reply that would not allow this kind of social irresponsibility to pass unnoticed. I think I spent those ten minutes well. Making the key points. About racism, the environmental abuse, the mistreatment of would be immigrants and the imminent bankruptcy of the world for nothing more than a few, the super rich and the Israeli’s, enjoying personal gain.

My letter: Letter four:
To one reader “Brilliant“. To another “Sick of spirit. A deviant contaminator of society“. What do you think? I cannot be both.


We have not met, and I don’t spell as well as you, but I applaud your wisdom and am moved to reply after I was, like yourself, incensed by (Barbara’s) criticism of our Leader.  I too have been a proud White racist for many years in which I have had to keep my opinions to myself. I have hated foreigners for as long as I have been a right wing fascist. I know, as you do, the consequences of this left-wing liberal ‘intelligence’ of which (Barbara) speaks. Where this type of ‘literacy’ leads.

With trumps guys being accused of child rape, I remember having watched similar child rapists be persecuted for many years, especially in England. And I was not able to defend my right-wing brothers  against the wave of liberal attacks that refused to properly understand the White man’s rights when it comes to Black kids. In fact, after 30 years living in Britain under the tyranny of the EU, I decided to move to America precisely because I knew Proud White Racists who love Fascism as I do are filling the same Church I go to every Sunday. England didn’t have that same confidence back then, although thanks to Trump and Brexit, they are now free from the shackles of those EU trade deals. And can look forward to the new Post Brexit Britain freeing them to enjoy  traditional British qualities like Spam for Sunday lunch.
We in America know about God’s plan.   We know that we are better. (We have BEST Country, the BEST god, and the BEST EVER Leader.)  And we know it was time for the Lord to send us his appointed representative to say and do what we think but are afraid to say. Until now. BUT, NOW, with our Genius at the helm, chosen by God and enabled by 87%  Evangelical support, the values we want are properly represented. Finally. After 8 years of BLACKS in the WHITE house. Like you, I will NEVER forget that outrage in the White House. The Ape in Heels; who I know you will agree, is nothing next to the classy first lady.

For too long people like (Barbara) have wanted to see leadership that models Liberal values for our children. Values placed on intelligence, literacy, education, ethical standards, knowledge of history and the development of critical thought.
Well; you can take that crap to the Trump trail camp kerb and dump it.

Trump models far more than just traditional values for our children.

Build that wall’ is not just three words. It is a value system. Every proud white man knows what that wall means. We are Right. Left is Wrong. We are White Right (Men.) They are all wrong.  And can go back to where they came from. (Except the White Women. They can stay.)  That’s the wall Trump has built, and I love it. Liberals are the same as communists and socialists. Can’t tell the difference. They are not powerful good White capitalists like Putin and Bolsonaro. They want a free ride on everything. Even health care?

What’s that about. “If your baby can’t pay for his new heart then get a job. Loser. I ain’t paying for your failure to get Medical Insurance.

Good thing Trump will now buy Britain’s NHS and turn it into a profit making business. That’s was a genius move getting rid of their unelected leader, May, and putting in his guy, unelected Boris. Not even pretending that he is not a Trump man. More genius business. Getting Britain for next to nothing. (Although its true he couldn’t get Greenland so easily.)

Others would criticize President Trump for his border concentration camps killing young children, selling hundreds into adoption (for $50,000 each to Christian families through a Church republican network which rewards those kids with real chance of a better life). Yes, it is true that many of those young kids are separated from their parents and raped in these camps, often by homeland security guards who work for the president. So what. Blah blah blah. If they don’t want to not see their kids being raped, they shouldn’t try and invade our Country.

Trump is the first truly genius leader to understand how to treat cockroaches. The best part is, we know he is right, and while  the Lefties all cry like babies over ‘Human-rights’ just because of a few young kids get raped to death by American Government employees; all our Genius has to do is play his genius move.

False News.

Come on. Anyone who doubts his IQ is 198 (which is a FACT) only has to look at how brilliant that is.  He can do anything with that two word rebuttal. False news. Its right there with ‘Blind Faith’ as a reason to believe in an invisible man. And operates on exactly the same principle. Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin eyes. 

That my friend is the mark of a TREMENDOUS genius. Playing those Christians for what they are.  He can grab teenage Christian pussy with his good friend Jeff Epstein for ten years straight; and even when authors like James Patterson write books like Filthy Rich, detailing the facts, all that work the leftie investigators do; thousands of hours compiling evidence and witness statements, is all undone by the Genius with just two words. FALSE NEWS. So whose the genius now left wing liberals? With your facts and your cry baby moaning over a few broken eggs in the whites only omelet. No matter how you try, you won’t catch him out. He is far too clever.

I think it is pretty damn obvious that not only does Trump represent the best of America now; but historically as well. He  really is making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Like it was before that Republican idiot Lincoln interfered with the booming economy the Democrat Dixies had going in the South. Back when lynchin was a crowd pleasing event that drew crowds from all around. People forget how much good that did for the country and the economy. That is the Great we elected to go Backwards to again.
Since that TREMENDOUS economic boost got ‘outlawed’ look at all the problems emancipated Blacks have caused. Our jails are overflowing with them. With their drugs and their criminal nature. Remember the Central Park Five? When Trisha Meili, a 28-year-old, was raped and beaten, left in a coma (12 days). It was Trump who paid for Newspaper adds to have those murderous rapist teenage blacks (One was 14 ) arrested and charged with murder.22CENTRAL-jumbo
If it wasn’t for Trump they would have got away scot-free for their heinous sex crimes in Central Park. No one even mentions how important that was in saving us from the wave of liberal thought threatening our values at that time. (1990.) If only he had succeeded in his efforts to “Bring back the death penalty” for them, they wouldn’t be alive today to go around making “False News’ Netflix movies.  And documentaries like KEN BURNS  outrageous pack of lies about Trump.

Trump has been working to make White America Great again all of his life. Now that he is President he can really make the difference we need. David Duke is right to acknowledge him as the Supreme White Supremacist. Those Mexicans in El Paso will think twice before trying to come shopping in Walmart, thanks to one of our Trump brothers. He warned it was a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. And it won’t be the last. They won’t take away our guns and our rights to kill while President Trump supports the longest running civil rights movement in America. The NRA. I hope you have a gun?
I love my AR-15. I have five extended mags, 50 rounds in each. I can fire 250 rounds of 5.56mm soft nose lead in under 72 seconds. I practice with that often. (Usually after Sunday service at the rage andgunnext to my Church.) If there is a school in trouble, I will be there. Especially if it’s a Black school. Trump has a concealed carry permit. His boys have automatic rifles in their cars, with a thousand rounds. That is the kind of firm leadership I want to see.  So his boys like flying to Africa and shooting Lions and Elephants and Giraffes and whatever else they want too. Good. They are giving money to those poor Shithole Africans. And it is their right to shoot anything they want. They are White. And American. And they represent the values of every proud White American male. I am happy they model good solid American values for my children.

Then there’s genius Trump saving us from wasting BILLIONS on that stupid con, the  Paris agreement, with all that made up crap about ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Global warming’.  I personally almost thought that was true until the President explained it to me. And THANK GOD he did. The oceans are not rising. The glaciers are not melting. There is no need to limit Carbon gasses. All False News.   I don’t care either. As long as he keeps walking back regulations that harm our bottom line. Tarrifs? I love them. As you say, “China is our bitch.”

You know Sir, I could go on for hours about how much I love President Trump. How much I have learned from watching him, especially in the matter of literacy, because only a fool would doubt that he is the greatest Orator to ever occupy the White House. His writing skills are unsurpassed. Churchill may have written a few speeches in his time, and a few books, but NO ONE comes close to the legacy President Trump leaves the world of literature. “Never in the field of human learning has one man bequeathed so much to so many.” We know that. That’s why we are all genius’s as well?  We think like he does. If he is a genius then we must be as well.

Best of all, look at how he has saved the economy. Things have never been better for poor Americans like me. By rewarding the billionaires, the trickle-down effect has made me abundantly wealthy in promises that, admittedly, have not worked out yet, but in which I have no doubt, will soon make me richer than any other Meth-Head in Alabama. I like that he uses amphetamine just like me Although he uses the expensive stuff, Adderall, and I just buy the local Heizenberg Blue, it’s basically the same idea. Gets your brain working fast. He thinks like we do. And he uses like we do too.
Until next we speak across this marvelous Interweb thingy, I will close with a small word of thanks to you. For standing up to that spreader of FALSE NEWS, (Barbara).
You sir are my hero.

With best regards and solidarity until the last non-white is kicked out. I pray it will be before the end of Trumps third term. And I pray that Yael Kushner will be his successor. To keep America Great after our Don is Gone.

Dankie meneer,
Frikkie Van De Merwe

So, for my facebook readers? What did I do wrong to earn the flip flop from the gratitude free (Barbara)? Or is this a case of why American  right wingers will win every time. They support each other blindly. Without any critical thought in being turned. Whereas liberals attack each other and undermine our mutual position in what is now a most adversarial battle for the very future of the planet. Was friend (Barbara) right to respond to the next message in the thread that read “MR. Brel. Brilliant !!!” with: “Nothing is brilliant about letting such depravities of thought or deed out into the universe even as a spoof. It is a sickness of the spirit and contaminates our humanity”

Verwoerd. Pre Tsafendas Surely that can’t be me? What just happened there?

Answers gratefully received here, on my Facebook page



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