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Anniversary of 911. 18 years later

Tom Junot’s disturbingly confident writing about the jumpers and our reaction to them is linked to this award winning photo. His piece, THE FALLING MAN (linked) is about the 200+ who chose to die before being cooked in the high floors as the Towers burned. The taboo of remembering them and the thousand guilty words a picture tells have never been more glaringly opposed.

Great pictures lie.

I didn’t want to read this piece after seeing this amazing, horrifying picture of graceful dignified resignation. But I did.
This is a brilliant assembly of words from two years after the event that rings even more true today. (Read by clicking the picture link.)
Toms follow up story “Surviving the Fall”is Here

All of which reminds me of where I was that day. September 11th, 2001. Around ten in the morning in London.
We all remember exactly where we were and how it felt because it was the first time we had ever experienced an event of such professional coordination on such a grand scale. It was a picture that moved much as the picture of the falling man has moved in our perception over time.

There was a movie on last night on Netflix. About the students from the school under the towers. With lots of actual footage. Every time I watch those buildings collapse on themselves in a perfect straight line I remember that day and especially my first reaction as I watched them fall in a straight line. Disbelief. Clear awareness that something was wrong with that picture.

15706824088_45984267d1_kI was in London. I watched it ‘Live’. Everyone watched it. That night, as is the way, we convened in the local pub and the falling towers was the subject on every pair of pint swilling lips. I was asked ‘Who could have done it.’ because at that stage the word Al Qaeda had not been invented. All we knew was – all planes had been grounded in American airspace – except government planes sent to pick up all Saudi wealthy in the US (including Bin laden family) to fly them out – ahead of any retribution against Saudi. Because they had found a Saudi passport in the ruins of the north tower that had fallen from the pocket of one of the terrorists as he was crashing into the Tower.

I have some familiarity with instant armed air response from my military visits to Hoedspruit, the northern border radar station monitoring air space to South Africa’s north. During my war service ebpcover (The Emergency Bouzouki Player is the book about that) where I saw first hand the SAAF could launch two mirage fighters, armed and ready at 20,000ft within three minutes. (24/7)
That was in 1980.
On 911, twenty minutes after the towers fell, two F16’s arrived. Hmm.
My every instinct from what I was seeing that day – watching live for first time – before the press spin had evolved through endless repeats – was in the form of a bet.
James, a TV cameraman for BBC asked me “Who did this“.
I bet him that it was impossible this had happened without US collusion, whoever turned out to be the mastermind. “Has to be an inside job” was my bet. “No one else has the skill and resources to put this together.”
In the days and weeks that followed, TV worldwide kept replaying the images and the narrative developed. First Al Qaeda. Then a bearded 6.5 chap on Dialysis in caves in Tora Bora. And the flags flew as Pat Tillman the football player gave up a million dollar contract to join the army and go kill raghead gooks who attacked America. (Ironically dying of friendly fire shortly after his poor decision.)

The jingoism rang like a clarion call through the red white and blue blooded young men. Half of Oklahoma signed up for service. Within a month a trillion dollars had gone directly into companies financing the Iraq regime change. Under the Bush banner of “We will bomb them back to the stone ages” despite the fact Iraq was not connected to 911.

Cheney’s share of Halliburton alone made him a billionaire. Many billionaires were made from that flag waving decision to allocate trillions to war. Sales of US flags went sky high.
And what war?
Iraq didn’t even want to fight. Their air force simply took off and flew to Iran rather than try engage overwhelming force against which they had no chance. Iraqi pilots mamma didn’t raise no fool.
Investigation of crimes follows the Means Motive and Opportunity model.

911 gave them the opportunity.
Their motive was trillions of dollars.
Their means was control of the Pentagon and the White House. With le grande enfant eediawt to grin sheepishly over the upside down goat book. The distraction, talking to god and relaying his instruction.

If your going to lie – make it big. The bigger the lie – the more likely it is people will believe it. Its worked for the two big religious businesses. Jesus and Muhammad. Still the greatest lies ever sold.
And it worked for the beneficiaries of 911 for exactly the same reason.

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