20 January 17. Breach of Privacy offense in California. June visit confirmation deadline

Bushy Park 2011

Bushy Park 2011

My beautiful Byron,

My 20th letter since I started writing online. A small milestone. I wonder if you are reading my letters to you yet?

You would not believe the unusual weather we are seeing here. Right now I am watching a flight of pelicans flying in an arrow through a grey sky leaking large drops of rain from very dark grey cloud. Usually in California it is sunny almost all the time, but last night they even interrupted our phones with an Emergency Alert. Flood warning.

The Pelicans don’t know what to make of it. I feel quite sorry for them. They are not made for grey rainy weather. They fly best in bright blue skies with updrafts of warm wind off sunny waters.

I am behind on my deadlines this week. Thursday already and I am behind on my book targets. I want to get this pesky book finished so I can move onto my next project. But I am not going to miss my two hour window writing to you. The subject I am looking at today is, again, your visit in June 2019.

So Cal Pelicans

So Cal Pelicans

I am putting the details in place for your visit in June. Your summer holiday.
Because of whats involved we will have to introduce a deadline for confirmation. We should get the tickets booked by the first week of May at the latest. Otherwise I cant make the appropriate arrangements for your visit.
And also because I have learned that when it comes to Adler/Amlot and O’Leary, they leave everything to the last minute and then obstruct your visit completely. I believe, unless it is confirmed by that deadline, then they will just be messing with you and with me in keeping any hope of that visit happening alive. There is some history there I am afraid and we would be foolish to ignore it in the hope that these three will not collude in obstructing your June 2019 visit.

When you were here last, in 2014, one of them actually tape recorded you talking to me and used that recording to stop you seeing me.
Worse still, she used that recording in a transcript to extract small bits to show a judge in evidence in a case that had nothing to do with Breach of Privacy in California,  To play the judge, making her think outside of the the real context. Which is; this is information acquired illegally. By Breach of Privacy in California, in an offense committed in California. Subject to California law. She managed to get the British family court judge to make a judgment on an active matter in Californian law. And that judgment harmed you.

There is criminal offense in California, called ‘Breach of Privacy.’ Although Breach of privacy is not a criminal offense in every state, it is in California. The privacy laws of the United States deal with several different legal concepts. One is the invasion of privacy, a tort based in common law allowing an aggrieved party to bring a lawsuit against an individual who unlawfully intrudes into his or her private affairs, discloses his or her private information, publicizes him or her in a false light, or appropriates his or her name for personal gain
Adler didn’t stop there though. There is another offense. If you send a transcript of that Breach of privacy offense, which is effectively a guilty plea, because it is the transcript of a recording made without knowledge or consent by the people involved (You and me), to a third party, then you have broken another law.
That was the second offense in the State of California by Adler. Sending the transcript to a third party, in this case an email sent to an American citizen, resident in California. A criminal offense X2.  Sharing information stolen illegally with another person. So, this person was guilty of TWO criminal offenses in California.

Do you know what happened then?



The deputy district Judge, Michele O’Leary, indemnified Adler from any prosecution for two criminal offenses in another country. And then wrote a personal comment on the content of the transcript, which was diminishing to me and insulting to my role as your father. Which shows she read it, knowing it was illegally acquired content. And saw fit to comment on a personal level in a way that can only be seen as harmful to your best interests.

One of many reasons why I am able to refer to her as a child abuser in her role as a family court judge, with  confidence that can be backed up with documentary evidence. It was pretty abusive towards you to stop you from being able to Skype with me.

I thought indemnifying a colleague in family law from an offense committed in a different country, that had nothing to do with either the matter in her court, or the legality of the content she referred to was a little rich by Michele O’Leary. A judge above the law.

laughsA deputy district Judge in British family court, which has nothing to do with California law, writing words of judgment in my name, indemnifying Adler from any future prosecution in California. Making that worse still, the words in the judgment written in Michele O’Leary’s name are not words I ever agreed or said in her court. Yet she writes them as if I did, which is dishonest. If you can’t trust a family court judge to write honestly, then what has the world come too?

Even though in the twin offenses of ‘Breach of Privacy’ and sharing information arising from Breach of Privacy’ Adler is as guilty as can be, to the extent that when she was served with notice from the court in California, she offered to settle by way of payment. The statutory amount for each offense is $5,000, and then there is a damages calculation. On how much damage that offense caused. That is for the court to determine. That is how far the case got to in California. I said, the damages arising from her criminal offense were considerable. After all, she stopped you talking with me on Skype. How much damage did that do? I had to spend a lot of money of family lawyers to try and see you. And more significantly, enable you to see me. I missed you a lot. What damages do we attach to that?

Instead of facing up to the fact she broke the law and was caught, she got Michele O’Leary to write an indemnity in a British court, which has no jurisdiction over American law, saying I could not sue her for these two offenses. Even though, she is as guilty as it is possible to be. By her own hand written transcript admitting to the offense.

In the California proceedings, her statement in this matter, via her American lawyer is published on the internet for anyone to see, she has lied again. Claiming a jurisdiction issue, saying I was not living in America so they should not rule on the offense. Of course, I was living in America, so that was a lie. Or should I say, just another lie in a long list of lies.

But, one day, when your interested, I have the entire case file from that criminal offense in California for you to read. You can decide. The fact is; she recorded a private conversation between two people in California, without their knowledge or consent and used that information to cause harm to both. Before that, you and me used to speak almost every day on Skype. Does a British family court deputy district judge have authority to rule on a State of California offense?oycomerer

Because of this historical deceit, you may appreciate why I am cautious about your June visit for 2019.   I am not going to sugar coat it. Adler is a liar. Doesn’t mean she is not a loving mother. But it does mean we both need to remember what we are dealing with here.
After all, last time, she bugged our conversations and used that to block my Skype calls to you. And used that to get a family court judge to abuse you in that shocking judgment by Michele O’Leary.

With her friends Amlot and O’Leary batting her corner, why would Adler not act in a repeat of what happened last time?
She can break the law in California and have an English Judge wipe out the offense in an English Court.
She can have a British family judge write whatever nonsense she chooses to write, even when it is clearly harmful to a child’s best interests, and even when it is clearly, demonstrably dishonest. And as we have seen, nothing comes of it. They get away with breaking their own laws as if being members of family law entitles them by impunity. In which, sadly, they appear to be right. I think we are not the only two who have seen the failings in British family law.

So to protect you against any of that nasty stuff from Adler/Amlot and O’Leary, lets agree a deadline for the confirmation of your summer visit, with some set boundaries to protect you against being used by Adler/Amlot and O’Leary in the same way that has been the case for the past years. I cant even count the number of times we have set out to see each other and had the meeting cancelled at the last minute.

First Pub visit

First Pub visit

One day I might do that with you. We can go through the emails by Amlot arguing down every visit to a matter of hours and count exactly how many times he wrote letters for no other purpose than to harm your opportunity to be with me. Do you know, I flew to the UK 19 times in the first three years to see you. Every time, after a long and horrible and expense series of letters negotiated by Amlot controlling the visitation. Once I flew to England to see you after they allowed me a visitation window of 24 hours with you. And to show how considerate Adler really was, when it came to the crunch, and I actually flew there for 24 hours, she extended the visit to 26 hours.  Amlot was not pleased about that. But he sure is pleased that O’Leary awarded him costs against me, with 8% interest attached, because obviously I cannot pay hundreds of thousands of pounds that O’Leary has awarded as legal costs against me. So Amlot knows when he we writes to me about your visitation, he is being paid by me, to abuse you, at 8% interest. That is one sweet gig.

The first week of May is our deadline for confirmation of your visit, which will be for the duration of the summer holiday. (Considering you have not been allowed to see me for well over three years now, the whole holiday is a reasonable request.)

After that date, if your visit is not confirmed for the summer holidays, we will have to aim for the December holiday 2019.
Don’t forget, you will be 10 going on 11 by then. Soon you will be able to tell Adler/Amlot and O’Leary what you want in your own way.

Here’s hoping we have confirmation of your visit for Summer 2019 by no later than May 7th. You know who to talk to in England about the visit.

Miss you,

Love you,


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