Jump. Byron live. 2013

7 December third. Music

Drumming time

Drumming time

My beautiful Byron,

Monday of another week and for me the week ahead is a musical time. Five days in a row of music all day. I have moved my studio to a new location with a view of the Pacific. I am making a new album all based on my guitar playing, with some piano here and there. This is a real treat to be able to play music almost all day and be in such a high vibration atmosphere.

Jump. Byron live. 2013

Jump. Byron live. 2013

I just remembered my studio in England, where you grew up.
I don’t have a drum kit anymore. That is gone to pay lawyers. I hope Charlotte used the money to buy you an even better drum kit? Your Roland V drum kit was pretty darn cool. It was in fact a professional level kit.

Here’s your progress on JUMP. You have 169 views. Not bad.

While I was on Youtube looking for that JUMP video,  I found some of the guitar videos I used to send you. I don’t know if you ever saw them, but here’s one of MOONSHADOW








And here’s another one. “Christopher Robin…...”

House at Poo corner. No rehearsal

House at Poo corner. No rehearsal

You used to love this one when you were a little person.

I always think it was great how you were born to such a musical soundtrack. Before you were even born you had a lot of Bach music coming at you. You were a womb Bach baby.

Somewhere in the back of your consciousness there is a lot of Bach music. I had a whole collection of amazing guitars and you had a lot of that stringed resonance coming at you even before you were born. When you were born, on the day itself, there was Bach music playing to welcome you into the world. Ana Vidovic was the player at the exact moment you took your first breath of earth air.   Here is the actual Bach composition that was playing in the room when you took your first breath.

In fact before the fathers day mugging I had fifteen ‘Marquee’ guitars. That is, really special handmade guitars that were worth a lot of money. I only have one left now, the one I am playing today. All the rest have gone to pay lawyers bills. I am super lucky to still have one I can use to make records with. And to have enjoyed owning all those lovely guitars. For awhile I was quite resentful towards British Family law for taking those guitars which I thought you and John should have one day. But now I am just grateful to have one guitar left.

Byron's Telecaster. Last used,with Alan Tarney 2013.

Byron’s Telecaster. Last used, with Alan Tarney 2013.

I still have your Rock Star guitar safe and sound. I never sold that one for legal bills.  Your Fender Telecaster. 1976 Slimline model. I bought it for you in the week that you were born.

Byron's Rock star guitar. Bought to celebrate his birth. 1976 Slimline Telecaster.

Byron’s Rock star guitar. Bought to celebrate his birth. 1976 Slimline Telecaster.

I spent a whole year with my friend Huey in my studio making a whole record of Bach music so that you would be surrounded by the amazing composition of Bach.

You can hear the whole record here. It’s called 7 Bach Meditations. Isn’t my friend Hugh an amazing player? He was around all the time while we lived together. I wonder if you remember him?
Pop music comes and goes, and I am not saying pop music is no good, but Bach is something else. Making those records with Huey was the best fun.

After I post this letter, I will be in a four hour session, playing and recording for my next album of music. I feel very lucky to be able to say that. Music is great.

Miss you,

Love you.






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