19 September. Papou and calling Chris

19 September. Papou and calling Chris

manoyoung_HDRMy beautiful Byron,

Today’s Thursday letter is from a coffee shop in Dana Point.  We are having a very lovely September here, with sunshine every day and low humidity. Its perfect weather. I like riding down Coast Highway, next to the Pacific, in this warm weather.

I was packing some old boxes this week and this picture fell out. So I decided to tell you about it.
That is your grandfather, my father, Manoussos Broulidakis. (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

That photo was taken in 1938. He would have been 19 years old. Six foot tall. Blue eyes. Attractive to the ladies. Spoke seven languages fluently after growing up in Egypt. That is a Packard car. I don’t know who the ladies in the picture are, or who took the picture, but the one leaning on him is super pretty. I wish I could find out who she was.
Just one year after this picture was taken, World War II began. Hitler attacked Britain, and he gave up that party lifestyle to put on a British Army uniform and set off to fight against the fascist German leader, Hitler. He became a captain in the British Army.mano_HDR
The next picture is taken in Alexandria in 1941. By this time he was a captain. Three stars on the shoulder epaulet. That part of the Second World War was the Africa campaign. The German commander there was Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. I don’t remember too much about my dad, because he died when I was ten, but I remember when he spoke about that war, he had enormous respect for Rommel, even though he was the enemy.  he was an honorable man. But he really did not like Hitler and the people who supported him. They were not honorable. They were fascists called the Nazi Party.
He spent 6 years, in his twenties, fighting against those people. I think he shot many himself, although he never talked to me about it.  Six years after the war began in 1939, it ended in 1945. The Allies won and the Germans were defeated. And then Manos went to South Africa, where later on he married Yaya, who you will remember, and who is still alive, in Johannesburg.
She is 84 now. Amazing. The picture of her is from when she lived in Athens. She was very pretty.helenyoung_HDR

I am working on my next book now. My last book actually went to #1 on Amazon. I am so excited about that. I can’t wait to share that story with you. And I am always trying hard to make that happen. Our next chance will likely be this December.

I have written to the organisation that reviews lawyers who harm children’s opportunities and told them about Tom Amlot. lets hope they do something and we get to see each other in December. It would be great if we knew and could start making plans for skiing and stuff.

OK, I know it is difficult for you to get through to me, so here’s the best solution.

Chris is your godfather, and you can reach him anytime.
The easiest way is click HERE.It gives you the chance to message him directly and even video chat if you get the time right?

mariababybmariababyHe can make any arrangements you want. And you can trust him to give the right advice, in confidence. Chris has known you since you were born. Its his job as Godfather.
Remember we stayed in his house a few times in South Africa, with his wife, beautiful Maria.  (Maria is like your step Godmother.)
They used to come visit you in London often. So there you have a contact your can use anytime without any worry.
Chris could help arrange the dates for the December visit. He is not afraid to talk to Adler.

That’s it for another week.  Hope your are doing well.
Miss you all the time,
Love you,

chrisandrewConnect with Chris HERE. (Go to MESSAGE.)




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