October 10. Planning California visit

October 10. Planning California visit

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My beautiful Byron,

October is already well underway. December is two months from now. I very much hope you will be able to spend this December with us in California.

Don’t forget, Chris can help with any arrangements if you convince Adler to call him. The only thing that would stop your visit happening is Adler and her lawyer Tom Amlot.
On my side, everything is set up for you and I am looking forward to seeing you enormously. So are many of your friends here. Remember Ryan and Taylor from your last visit? They are now Golf stars.P1110550byronkids

We are all five years older than when these pictures were taken in California. Hard to believe that Adler and family court have stopped you seeing me for this long. Its a nasty reflection on what family law represents in England. I think the people responsible will have to answer  to you one day. To explain why they thought you should not see your father, or even be able to speak on Skype.

In the meanwhile, here is another week passed and I am very happy that we at least have this opportunity to spend some time through these letters. I am hoping that you see them every week and know how much I enjoy having this time to be in touch with you even though I never hear your news.

My week has been frantically busy with finishing my latest album. This one is specifically for sleep. Because I have some difficulty falling asleep (Its called insomnia)  I have been working on musical recordings that help sleep. Using frequencies that create a relaxing effect on the brain and help fall asleep as well as to encourage nice dreams. Its actually possible to affect this process using sounds and frequencies.

I found a good formula for this with different sounds, like flutes and string pads, and a very nice piano type sound called a Fender Rhodes, which was a keyboard popular in the 80’s when I played in bands. In the middle register, the sound of a Rhodes is especially relaxing, and I have used that quite a lot for this record. All my 9 previous records feature acoustic guitar, but this is the first one I have not played a nylon guitar. There is a small amount of guitar on the last half of the album. I found an old guitar I used to use when I played a lot, a stratocaster that was in fact given to me by John’s mum for my 21st birthday present. It’s been in storage for many years. I couldn’t sell it for much when I had to sell all my guitars to pay the family law legal bill when I was in England and trying to see you, so I kept it. Lucky for me. It sounds great all these years later. And I plan to use it more on my next album.
I also still have your Black 1976 Telecaster safely in storage.

Byron's Rock star guitar. Bought to celebrate his birth. 1976 Slimline Telecaster.

Byron’s Rock star guitar. Bought to celebrate his birth. 1976 Slimline Telecaster.

All the other lovely guitars are gone though. I miss them and am sad I had to sell them for such a pathetic reason – to pay lawyers half a million pounds to let me see my son, but at the same time I am glad I had so many nice guitars and was able to use that money to at least try and see you, even though in the end, it turned out to be just a waste of money because family law is what it is.

I am already planning another album because Chris is selling in my music through his YouTube channel business. If that goes well, we will need more content. Funny to think I have now finished ten albums in this style of music. Working on my own, doing all the various bits that used to take a whole team to do in the old days. (Recording engineer. Mix engineer. Mastering engineer. Artwork. Label release. Publisher. Artist Composer. Guitar player. Keyboard player. Sound designer. .. blah blah…. Music production sure has changed in my lifetime. When I was your age I was recording my guitar on two cassette players, that gave me three tracks. (One was to synchronise the two cassette players.) Three tracks. Can you imagine. Now recording is a world of possibilities that I could never even have dreamed of when I was ten. I still love the process of recording. getting stuff in tune and in time and resonating mellifluously. I wonder if you are playing any instrument? I had a good set up for you before that all went to pay family law. Your piano. Your drums. Your guitars. Your studio. I guess Adler has replaced all those things for you? It is important to learn instruments while your young.
Same with language. I am so grateful that my dad insisted I speak Greek. During those early years when the developing brain is so receptive to language. Now, with fluent Greek, I have that whole world open to me. I planned the same for you. But somehow I have a feeling that Adler has not kept her promise that you would learn Greek. I hope I am wrong on that, but if so, it would be the first time I have underestimated her maternal skills and not the last time I have seen her break sincere promises.

In two weeks it is Marge and Martha’s 80th and Phyllis and myself will be attending the party in her desert home. She always asks after you. Remember ‘Grammy’. She brought you that lovely robe with your name embossed on it after you said you liked the robe at the Four Season hotel. (Which I liked as well. They have the best robes.) That robe went back with you from your California trip. I never understood why it was taken away from you.

Your gran is having a good week. She has grown very fond of her carer, Pumla. And although she is struggling to walk at all, she is cheerful and grateful to be alive at 84. We speak every  day and I make sure she has a laugh at least once a day. Nick visits regularly to check that all is well at the house. P1110423(1)_HDR

And that’s my week.  I enjoyed choosing these three pics from your last visit with me. I guess you are still so good looking. Hoping to see you December.

Miss you,
Love you,



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