October 3. Another year gone

October 3. Another year gone

My beautiful Byron,IMG_4261

I am a year older than when I wrote last week.

We spent my birthday on Saturday in Big Bear, with our friends, Masons parents. They have a lovely house on the Lake there. It is a colorful mountain village  almost three hours drive East; At 7,000 feet altitude, so the air is thin. Less Oxygen means you can get a little light headed until the body acclimatizes to it. I am familiar with this from skiing trips.

I heard Mason’s news, now that he is a college student. He is at a very nice school called Whittier. Pre med. So he will likely be there for many years until he becomes a doctor, or does what I did when I was a medical student at 17 years old. They have no cars there, so the students all ride around on bicycles. Very quaint. He is trying out for the tennis team which is very competitive, but we hope he will get in. He had a lot of coaching in his last few years here and his game is pretty good. His coach is Julien Heine. You met him, he is Taylor and Ryan’s father. Those two pretty girls you met back in 2014 when you were in California. They have taken to golf in a big way. Taylor recently played in the World under 8 Golf tournament. And did really well, representing Canada. They play all the time and the long term plan is they will get into a IMG_4264good university on a Golf scholarship. Here the good schools like sports playing applicants.

In Big Bear we cycled around the lake, which was great fun. The smell of the trees in the forest in that thin air is something.There are some bears around there, although I have never come across one.

We drove back to the harbor on Sunday and since then I have been hard at work on my usual things. Writing lots of words and making a new record.

Oh, some good news, Chris (Ghelakis) has decided to work on a project with me, using all of my music. Its the modern day equivalent of hat they used to call a ‘record deal’.  marketing our product for YouTube and Spotify, and all the streaming media. Chris has a team of people who work for him and know the tricks to get lots of views. They are working on that side of it while I make more content. I am hard at work now on my tenth album.

Nick and Byron 2009

Nick and Byron 2009

This one is in same genre. Meditation music; to help people think more clearly. I play all the instruments and do all the recording and production and writing. Nick (Chris’ son) – in this picture with you in 2009, is a part of this project. Lets hope it gets millions of plays on YouTube and then I can spend it on family-law to try and get them to let you see me. If I spend enough money then it will happen.

I am still hoping that you will find a way to come for December holidays. All plans on my side are ready for that. Phyllis can’t wait to see you. And Mason will be back from Uni, so its possible if we go skiing, he could come with.

Now I am off to studio for my days session. I am on the 6th out of the 7 tracks I need to complete the album. I don’t know what to call it though. the working title is TEN, because it’s my tenth album. But more likely I will give it a more New Age name. Maybe let Nick and the team decide.

Miss you,
Love you,





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