27. Monday, 11 February. Nine years ago today

27. Monday, 11 February. Nine years ago today

guitarbaby0_4a892b4677_kMy beautiful Byron,

Monday it is again, and looking through my photos for a story to send you today I found this one, by date. The photographer took the image on 11 February in 2010. Exactly 9 years ago today.

You probably won’t remember the moment, you were not yet one year old, but that is very much how we spent every day of your young life then. With me, Wallace and music.

That picture was taken by my friend Hugh Burns, who visited a lot when I had a home in England.  I was showing Hugh how much you enjoyed guitar and he said “Let me take a picture of that. It’s a beautiful moment you might want to look back on.

You loved my guitar playing. And Wallace loved sitting in. His hearing was good.  he loved looking after us both. That was pretty much our every day for little over 4 years. It was pretty cool for you and for me. Until family court stepped in and next thing I knew I had to pay a lawyer just to find out the address of where you were? And the next thing I knew the lawyers and family court had every penny that I will never have to spend on you and your future. And for good measure, they ruled that you don’t get to see me.

Doesn’t seem right at all.

I hope that we will see each other this summer. 15708589179_d200cbd64d_k

I still miss you just as much as I did when I last saw you,

Love you,



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